How does Druid counter Warlock Murloc rush?

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Deck below. I can beat just about everyone but I get owned by Warlock Murloc rushes.

2x Innervate (0)

2x Claw (1)

2x Wild Growth (2)

2x Wrath (2)

2x Bite (4)

2x Swipe (4)

2x Chillwind Yeti (4)

2x Keeper of the Grove (4)

2x Druid of the Claw (5)

2x Nourish (5)

2x Starfall (5)

2x Asure Drake (5)

1x Gelbin Mekkatorque (6)

1x Ancient of Lore (7)

1x Gruul (8)

2x Ironbark Protector (8)

1x Cenarius (9)

1x Alextrasza (9)
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Well its about sorta stalling them out. I would consider looking at Alex, ironbark, gruul, gelben, nourish and the yetis. Do you really need the draws from nourish? Maybe consider novice engineers instead not as good draw wise but cheaper and a body helps. Ironbarks are in my opinion just worse than the ancient of war. Alex needs a specific reason to be in a deck. If its healing I would look for another ancient of lore or healing touch. Gruul and gelben are just kinda bad cards. Gruul is a win more thing...either they can deal with him or they can't. Look for something harder to deal with or with,more upside. Gelben I want to like but he is too random for me. I dont know which invention I'm getting and even if I did it often helps the opponent more than me. Yetis are a solid body but I just think there are nicer creatures at that cost.
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You have no early game minions that is your problem. You can innervate a Yeti out turn 2-3 but that combo doesn't happen often. You need to play some lower drops to contest board control while you build your hand for late game.


-1 Ironbark
-1 Gelbin (keep him in if if its more of a fun deck)
-1 Gruul
-1 Nourish

Now you can put in:

+2 Fairy Dragons
+2 Northern Farseer (some healing to extend to late game)

Between these 2 types of minions which each have 3 attack you can trade with most merlocks early game even with an Imp out buffing their health.

Wild growth is sketch but if you like it go with it if not your can drop the 2 growths and keep Gruul and Gelbin to get some use of of those Legendarys and still be competitive. If you decide to switch out the growths and keep Gruul and Gelbin out you can put in 2 Pyromancers. You can combo them out with a claw or Innervate to remove those pesky imps and trade with the remaining Merloc. The Pyromancers also act a +1 spellpower (basically a Bloodmage proxy) on turn 6 with swipe and do 5 damage to one and 2 to all. This comes in handy against mid-range decks.


EDIT: You can also throw in an Abomination instead of one of your wild growths to control an aggressive deck. With Innervate you can put it out turn 3 or 4 if needed.
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