Any advice for one last push at ranks?

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Would you recommend any changes to help push past rank 10?
This is what I'm using:

1x innervate
2x claw
2x wrath
2x novice engineer
2x youthful brewmaster
1x big game hunter
2x harvest golem
2x swipe
2x chillwind yeti
1x defender of argas
2x keeper of the grove
1x leeroy jenkins
1x twilight drake
1x nourish
2x starfall
2x druid of the claw
1x starfire
1x argent commander
2x ironbark protector

I have some good cards I'm not using, and enough dust to craft a few cheap ones. But nothing over 400 dust for sure.

I have another defender of argas and argent commander. 2 azure drakes and an alexstrasza... and other random stuff, I just thought these have a lot of potential even though I haven't found a way to make them work yet.

Any ideas? I really want to make it into the single digit ranks! Or maybe even push for top 5.
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i am sitting also at rank 9-10 with 0 legendarys in deck. Its hard without no ysera etc.
I use 1 claw 1 wrarth.

1 facless can make alot of plays .. best being faclessing paldin tirion then silencing it.
I used to have 2 ironbarks but they kinda completly usless vs priest since after playing it they will mindcontrol turn after it and it can make to loose game. One is ok. Tho i would change them for 2 ancient of war if i could.

But basically u need 2 ancient of wars, 1 ancient of lore or 2 instead nourish. 1 neutralize.
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You should post what you are typically losing to, and what you are particularly strong against.

Here is what I can tell you at first glance:

Youthful Brewmaster doesn't seem like it is doing much for you, there isn't a ton to bounce:
- Pyromancers are a good replacement if you are losing against Aggro a lot.
- Earthen Ring Farseer is great for outlasting opponents.

Leeroy seems out of place:
- You don't run that aggressive of a deck to need Leeroy. Replace with more early card draw, like Loot Hoarder. Or more late game.

Other potential cards to replace:
- Starfire
- 2nd Starfall
- Twilight Drake
- Chillwind Yetis (I agree its a good card if you are lacking the below ideal replacements)

Ideal replacements:
- Ancient of Lore x1 or x2
- Ancient of War x1 or x2
- Ragnaros
- Cenarius
- Baron Geddon
- Sylvanas
- Tinkmaster Overspark

Cheaper replacements:
- Loot Hoarder x1 or x2
- 2nd Argent Commander
- Faceless Manipulator

Unfortunately the Druid Control-ey type deck you are running has been pretty successful running a lot of expensive cards. This isn't the case for all decks though!

Hope it helps!

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You must have the lores for a druid deck to be successful. If you don't have them, make them and put them in.
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01/07/2014 06:38 PMPosted by Kanan
You must have the lores for a druid deck to be successful. If you don't have them, make them and put them in.

I made it to rank 8 without them. I found that Sunwalker is a decent substitute for the Ancient of War and I used Healing Touch as a substitute for Ancient of Lore. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably use farseers instead of healing touch, but now I have the ancients so its a non-issue.

I'd drop either the brewmasters and replace them with pyromancers to help in the sea of warlocks.

I'd also replace leeroy and the twilight drake with azure drakes potentially if you find yourself lacking card draw. I found that the azure drakes help with card draw when I didn't have Ancient of Lore, and they synergize well with all the spells we're running.

I'm not a fan of Nourish. I'd rather have another Argent Commander or starfire.

This is the deck I took to rank 8 (before adding Cenaurius and dropping two ranks because he's bad in this deck).

It had trouble with agro Warlocks, so I'd probably add farseers and/or pyromancers, and drop a couple of the heftier spells, like one starfire and one protector.
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