Do we need a change to ice block to prevent the second one?

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No, it wouldn't prevent 2 iceblocks in a row. I don't believe that any nerfs should prevent 2 iceblocks in a row. Iceblock is not a Legendary card and should not be. No other class has a restriction where they cannot benefit from the same card cast back to back and nor do I think that Mages should be the only one with such a restriction.
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Ok, I guess I'll take that possibility into account when brainstorming for my deckbuildings (or that I'd look forward a nerf of the molten giants, but I wouldn't count on it), thanks for your answers (and feel free to post other suggestion, expecialy if it can help me to cope with my primary problem, I have now accepted its existence, but have yet to find a reliable solution (or cross my fingers))
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Edit: and I do'nt really want to put healing cards in the deck because since I'll often have full board controll, mages shall have trouble bringing me below 20 without allowing me to pull the kill. (and that's way out of range for pyroblast) But that's still in range for 2 giants + freeze (but heal woudl'tn help much agaisnt those, I feel).

If the above is your concern, then the second ice block really doesn't matter, does it? Your problem is the giants. If you remove the giants and he ice blocks after that, he's got nothing on the next turn unless he's got pyroblast, and you've just said that you aren't really worried about that.

So, don't concern yourself with how to deal with a double ice-block. Concern yourself with removing two 8-hp giants. The ice block will take care of itself when the time comes. You're making "how do I finish off his hero?" be the focus of your strategy when that's a problem that will resolve itself when he runs out of delay tactics.
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@Slipricktide: yes, I've tought about that, but in the game when I came scarred that he might play a second ice bloc (witch he didn't allowing me to win), he also froze all my minions with a blizzard. I guess that's would mean the mage have a super fortunate hand, but in this cas, sonce I can't trade giants with minions, I'd have to have two hexes in my hand to remove them.

but in a way you're right, if I can myself either gain another turn and keep a killing potentioal (meaning 15 dammages if he plays alextraza as I suspect he would) either have another way to remove the giants.

Still a tought situation, but I'm starting to feel like it can be dealt with (not easily, for sure, but maybe a tiny bit manageable now)
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