So what I've been trying to run is:

2 Backstab
2 Preparation
2 Shadowstep
2 Cold Blood
2 Conceal
2 Sinister Strike
2 Eviscerate
1 Sap
2 Shiv
1 Doomsayer
2 Loot Hoarder
2 Novice Engineer
2 Mana Addict
2 Coldlight Oracle
2 Questing Adventurer
1 Edwin Van Cleef
1 Leeroy Jenkins

The way that seems to work is just stall until turn 5 or 6 and then hopefully manage to stick either the addict, the QA, or VC, and protect with conceal. Though the addict generally seems to do the major work. Leeroy seems to be a solid add since shadow stepping him can generally sneak quite a bit across. I'm tying to make it more consistent, but I'm struggling. I can't get more draw in really. I'd like more control, but I have no idea what I can really take out for it. The doomsayer seems to be a solid add since its usually a good stall. Thought about mana wraiths or maybe some more charge, but I can't seem to decide what to ditch. Also thought about deadly poison, but what to lose? Any suggestions appreciated. I just like the deck, because it feels "roguey".