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I feel as if I'm missing a gear with this deck. It either is total overkill and gets walked on. There is no middle ground. Of course it seems to do the total dominate thing 70% of the time so I can't complain too much but looking to make those loses a little closer so here we are.
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You have very little 2 and 3 drops. No wonder you're having a huge variety of losing and winning when you have to get a dreamhand to open the game.
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As Arorn said, you don't have enough minions to be able to have some sort of presence on the board.

Furthermore you have just enough minions to be complete shut down by a deck that packs even the smallest amount of removal/silence. I wouldn't rely so heavily on Van Cleef if I were you.

I would switch out at least one Sprint to begin with (if not both), one Assassinate as well. I'm not quite fond of the Southsea deckhand, but I suppose that you chose him for his cost ( in enabling combos) rather that ability. While Shadowstep can be usefull for it's 0 cost combo ability, I feel as if you're not making the most out of this card --> maybe get some minions with charge and/or a cool effect ( Argent..?).
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Actually he is also great with cold blooded. Since a rouge can be counted on to have a weapon he is a cheap Bluegil warrior. Drop him add cold blooded and it's 6 to the face as long as you don't have any taunt still alive. Actually that is what this deck is mostly. I rarely use VanCleef. It's all about daggers to the face, eviserates strait to the gut and using blade fluries to help clear the board while keeping up the pressure with more damage directly to the other player.

Took out an assassinate, and the shadowsteps, added a fan of blades and 2 koblod geomancers to pump the spell damage.
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Kobold Geomancer x2 -> Does nothing for the deck imo, only give you fan of knives a little more power to take out some super fast deck in the begining. i would put another 2drop with more power like ooze or owl ( for more control) or even some 3 drops like golems that have very good presence and often get the opponent to waste 2 or eve 3 cards to remove them
Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2 -> make it 1 if you really like him or none (would prefer imo) and get the argent commanders there :)
Betrayal x2 - have used it but wasnt worth it for me, just didnt felt she was that much of an advantage so i think other types of removal or even buffs for other minions would be nicer like shatered sun cleric
Assassin's Blade x2 -> i would take them of. you already have hero power and x2 perdition blades to do those super mega combos you are aiming for! i think Assassin´s blade isnt cost effective, considering the other options
Sprint x2 -> make it one because you wont ever use 2 in a match and most of the time youll have it in your hand by the time you need to replenish your hand and have the mana to do it without affecting your "flow"/"tempo"
Preparation x1 -> dont see the point on this card because all of our spells are 2 or or 0 crystal to play, unless its to combo with headcrack, witch i see you don't run :)

my 2cents, hope it helps :)

gl hf :)
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