Controllish Mage deck help.

Looking for help with my deck. The first legendary I got was Antonidas so I have been trying to build a decent mage deck since then. I have no Ice Block, Spellbender Secrets, or Pyroblast cards. I usually do well early game, but I am having a hard time maintaining control mid game to get me to my Archmage Antonidas. I have been toying with my deck today and am trying to focus less on mid level mana creatures and more on low level spells and card draws to help maintain control mid-game through multiple drops instead of one big 5-8 minion drop that usually just gets wiped off the board before I get my next turn. This is what I have come up with:

I got a Sylvanas Windrunner card yesterday and was thinking it would be a great addition, which card should I drop?

Open to all suggestions and strategy tips! Thanks for any input!
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Still looking for some advice. Doomsayer maybe?
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Okay, well for one you don't have a Doomsayer in your deck... I am gonna guess you are talking about the Abom, and yeah if you want Sylvanas in that would be the way to go. But Abom is a good card to help you win back momentum and you have complained of losing it midpoint, so weigh your options, Legendary is not always better.

Another tip I'd give is that if you wish to have any hope of keeping your antonidas (since you're basing your deck on him) for more than one turn you need dangerous minions in your deck for your enemy to waste kill cards on. Stuff that looks threatening in a mage deck, like raging worgen, ect. Make sure to have a couple of 5+ damage minions so that they soak up those crappy Power Word Deaths, or Antonidas will.
What you did good was add a lot of cheap spells, to combo with Antonidas on turn one and so get at least 1/2 Fireballs. Consider adding even more, one more Mirror Image at least.

Last I am guessing you suffer a lot of damage in board clears? That is because so many of your early minions are 2HP, consider throwing in some 3HP things in there (Amani Berserker is a good idea).
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