One-turn or burst kills?

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So I've been playing around with the idea of how much damage I can put on the opposing hero in a single turn. I'm not sure these are good plans, but they're fun & I could see them having a place in my decks.

Arcane Golem 4/2 Charge for 3
2x Rockbiter +3 for 1
2x Abusive Sergeant +2 for 1
Windfury for 2
makes a 14/2 with Charge & Windfury for 9 mana.
Add a Lightning Bolt & I've done 31 damage in a single turn.

I get the odds of that ever happening are near zero, but it seems to me like minions with Charge are really strong with Shaman because of how many minion damage buffs we can drop out.

Has anyone better than I played around with ideas like this?
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Control shaman is probably shamans most competitive deck. By the time you save up to one turn kill you'll be dead. Charge minion are all too fragile to make it past the turn you play it..and if you have too much you'll fizzle out badly.argent commander is still the best charge minion but costs 6 mana.

If you want a combo that's hilarious but also runs into the same issue is the mana addict double rock biter+windfury+lightning bolt for 5 mana= 15/3 30dmg plus the lightning bolt 33 damage. The chances of you having the addict alive and the right cards drawn are slim though..cheaper combo.
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I like to use Leeroy Jenkins and Rockbiters/Windfury on about turn 7-8, he's a nice finisher because he's able to bring enemies down from about 18 health to 0 instantly.

Until I get to the point where I can do that, I use card draw and unbound elementals with cheap overload cards and flametongue totems.
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I agree that they're probably not a good idea. However, it seems like putting a few of these pieces into a deck to combo for a lot of damage or to kill the opposing hero wouldn't be a bad idea.
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loved to play Ravenholdt Assassin as Paladin in my beginners time.

You can place him on turn 9 and buff him up on turn 10 with BoM, BoK and BC.

28 damage in his face, countered by Taunt, but still fun
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