Paladins nerfs ideas. Numbers inside.

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Compact version of why these cards need nerf:
heal is twice as effective as dmg so 2 heal points are 1 dmg point
  • TCh:
    4 mana and 1 card to 4 dmg for 2 turns and 2 heal for 2 turns
    equivalent: (mana/cards/dmg power)
    5 mana and 1 card to 5 dmg for 2 turns --- +1/0/0
  • GoK:
    7 mana and 1 card to summon 5/6 and 6 heal
    equivalent: (mana/cards/minion power)
    7 mana and 2 card to summon 5/5 stealth and 6 heal ---- 0/+1/ (-1 health + stealth)
  • LoH:
    8 mana and 1 card to get 3 cards and 8 heal
    equivalents are: (mana/cards/"dmg power")
    7 mana and 2 cards to 3 cards and 6 heal --- -1/+1/-1
    9 mana and 2 cards to 3 cards and 5 dmg --- +1/+1/+1
    8 mana and 2 cards to 4 cards and 3 dmg --- 0/0/-1

I will add reasons and cards name if someone want.

I wanted to add Tirion, but for now i cannot count power of death rattle
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It is okay for the classes to have different strengths and weaknesses, and it is okay for one of the paladin's strengths to be healing.

TL;DR, you're wrong.
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Myrec has done nothing but headhunting for paladin nerfs he cant justify. just ignore it.
Also what shadowcatX said.
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01/03/2014 07:34 AMPosted by ShadowcatX
It is okay for the classes to have different strengths and weaknesses, and it is okay for one of the paladin's strengths to be healing.

TL;DR, you're wrong.

Exactly. There are plenty of class cards that surplus the statistical power/cost ratio formula.

Example: Mage's Fireball, Warlock's Blood Imp, Shaman's Fire Elemental. Each class has a few at least.

Although, if you were to apply the power/cost ratio to the class as a whole, I think it would make more sense, analytically speaking.
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bra why would paladin ever not have heal? its not op, considering for a little mana mage has 2 fireballs and 2 pyro blasts, plus stray aoe from flamestrike and blizzard, i mean if pally couldnt heal he would be so burstable
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I have to say.... NOOOOOOO!

Big NO...

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What you're forgetting is that most heals are bad.

For example, Healing Touch. 3 mana for 8 healing. It *sounds* good, but think about this.

You're gaining 8 Health, great. But you're getting card disadvantage and nothing on the board to show for it. HT is a mediocre stalling technique and you are probably better off with Taunt, which usually trades for something decent. There is a reason no-one runs Hero's Reunion in MTG, and that had instant speed over healing touch.

GoAK is great, though, because you're healing and getting a decent minion too, which tnen usually trades well. Let's say the healing is worth 1, and it can often trade 2-for-1, making it a pretty beast card. LoH is just awesome, but unfortunately you're pretty much skipping your turn which in the late game is devastating. On the upside, you're stalling and drawing three, making it a valuable card.

The major problem with heals is that they give card disadvantage. What else could you have instead of a mediocre stalling tactic?
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