When should Feral Spirit be played?

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It looks like a great card at first, but early game it just cripples my mana, and late game the wolves just aren't that good, even as two taunts.
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I think the spirit wolves are a useful part of a control deck, 2 taunts and 6 LP are hard to kill for a bunch of small minions. in your 4th turn you still got 2 mana for a totem, 2 Earthshocks, novice engineer, 2 rockbiter weapon, or forked lightning
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The majority of shamans are using control decks. The main component of a control deck is simply surviving the early game, not necessarily getting ahead. A turn 3 spirit wolves can be extremely disheartening and very difficult to deal with for your opponent. However, you need to look out for counterspell against mages because spirit wolves counts as a spell and will still use up 3 mana and overload two the following turn if this happens.
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For me it seems that the correct answer is 'never'. I believe it's not the correct card for control deck: double 2/3 taunt minions is just a bit better than Mirror Image gals but overload sucks especially on T3. On the other hand, Lightning Storm is a much stronger option, it affects the board here and now having the same cost. Maybe I'm just playing quite an agressive shammy deck so I have no room for both spells, but Feral Spirits never helped me much.
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I usually play them around turns 4 and 5 with a flame tongue between them
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You should play it when you need taunt or want to put pressure on the opponent to stop them using their removal on your more important minions (flametongue, unbound elemental, dust devils etc)
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I only use it in arena, and then I tend to drop it turn 4-5. T3 can work if you have a plan for the 2 mana. I almost never coin into it on T2 unless I have some crazy idea.
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I don't use feral spirits too often after turn 5 or 6 because that's when removal gets more powerful, unless I need emergency taunts to get some space between me and whatever nasty my opponent just played.

I mostly play them early to hold onto board control or stave off a rush deck.
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I love the Wolves. To me they are the card that should define the class. BUT, I now also believe the answer is "NEVER" play them. The overload is too much early game.

Late game is a non-issue. Any low powered creature is a bad late game draw.

So if you've looking to survive the early game rush, this card is not what you want. Tying up 5 crystals over 2 turns, and essentially telling the rushing player "I am gimped the next turn after I cast these", so do whatever you want.

For that 5 crystals you get 2 X 2/3 creatures, that usually requires 2 actions to remove early game.

For 3 crytals you can get a Harvet Golem instead, 2/3 and a 2/1 that also requires 2 actions to remove early game also.

I swapped both mine out for golems and found the deck to run a lot smoother early game versus Rush decks, as I wasn't overloaded as much. I could often Cast a Turn 3 Golemn and immediately lightning storm, Argus Defender, or Dark Iron Dwarf the following turn if necessary. Something not possible with the wolves. The Golems also survive any AOE and still leaves a creature on the board.
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I love the Wolves. To me they are the card that should define the class. BUT, I now also believe the answer is "NEVER" play them. The overload is too much early game.

Managing overload is pretty much the only reason i really enjoy playing shaman. Sometimes you can use your turn after gimpyness into a strength.
Smart-ish player understands that you are down a bunch of mana in the early game and decides to chuck some big stuff out on the board.
Shaman have some super cheap removal available at that point. Don't let the lack of mana stop you from kicking !@#.
I always think of it like the safety dance in nax. Sometimes you can wail on the boss, other times you have to step back and dance. It helps to have some music going when playing a shaman.
I've got the rhythm in my pants.
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I tend to use them a bit later when the overload won't gimp my next turn so drastically. Usually when building the board for a bloodlust and hopefully after at least 1 or 2 of the opponent's AOEs have been used.

Turn 5 knife juggler + wolves
Turn 6 unbound elemental + wolves
Turn 6 imp master + wolves w/ bloodlust for next turn.

are all pretty strong plays.
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Use it when it's not going to screw you over with the overload.
For example if you are planning on using them on turn 3 look at your hand, if you have 3-4 or more mana cost creatures and no 2-1 mana cards you are probably not going to want to use it but if you only have 1-2 cost cards on your hand then you can use them because you know you can play something if you don't draw anything useful the next turn.

It's like Venture Co. he is great for 5 cost but you may not want to play him on turn 5 if you have 6 and 7 mana creatures on your hand like a Fire Elemental or a Stormwind Champion.
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