Guardian of kings buff?

I think they should reduce guardian of kings to 6 mana... i think seven is over priced for this card but 6 would be perfect... cards like fire elemental in the shaman class are way better but one mana less and have nearly the same stats, anyone agree?
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While the guardian of kings is certainly weaker then most 7 mana minions, most minions don't heal your hero. That healing can be a life saver at times.
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The heal on it is very very substantial.
In effect you're paying 5 mana for the minion and getting to cast holy light at the same time.
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good points...
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this card is NOT played for body but for good heal with bonus almost free body
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The heal is equal to 2 mana holy light and then you pay 5 mana for a 5/6, its not bad but its nothing truely amazing for a high cost class card.

My fav class card is still Fire elemental. 6/5 and the battlecry is insane, prob the strongest class basic card.
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you play 1 card and 7 mana for 6 heal and 5/6
you can play 2 cards and 7 mana to get 6 heal and (for example 5/5 with stealth)
so it's one card better
and IT IS best advantage you can get
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The +6 health that card gives with the addition of 5 attack 6 defense card to your playing table really allows for Guardian of Kings to be a life saver in tight game situations.

What the Paladin class need is a card that allows Units to be turned to taunts as they're played (no idea how that would be implemented without it being OP (probably a high mana cost), but it would do things like give Guardian of Kings a new situational advantage as well as adding to the class spell).
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Berrik is correct as are other people here. The cost is high but the card is a 5/6 and heals you for 6 which is substantial. I have thought about this card a lot and have done well without it as well as with it. When it comes to the current meta the healing is worth the cost of a 5/6. I often have this mind controlled or CC'd before dropping my Tirion or Rag.
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paladins need to be balanced... I mean truesilver versus arcanite reaper is just silly, and tirion is sunwalker on steroids with weapon
and guardian is very card effective
Reply Quote my paladin damage
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01/04/2014 06:49 AMPosted by GoguGaming my paladin damage

How is that relevant to the OPs post at all?
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