Life Tap needs a look.

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I hate to jump on the zerg deck band wagon but these decks are pretty out of hand, i get frustrated playing against it sure but this isn't a butt hurt thread. Honest discussion, Say what you think

Personally i don't have a problem with the blood imps, i hate the card and the fact it exists, but its not broken.

My issue with these zerg decks is that because of warlocks' life tap, these decks are beyond the point of just being "good". this game revolves around card advantages more then hp,

Cards > HP in almost all cases.

Its hands down the strongest hero ability in the game, Mage is annoying as hell sure, but 2 cards a turn is pretty much gg against a deck that has to spend the first 5 turns on the ropes, play its aoe and wipe the board..then because of life-tap, the card supply is still there to play everything over again.

Blood Imp is fine, I think Life Tap needs a look, card advantage is much more important then hp.
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Buff bad mechanics like Sucubus, Felguard and Pit lord, then you can start nerfing good mechanics.
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I've been playing aggro locks since before they were cool and I can tell you that yes it's an awesome hero power for rush decks but those 2 HP add up.

I usually lifetap every turn starting on turn 4. So by turn 9:

- 3 HP from Flame Imp (provided I didn't throw both of them)
-12 HP from life tap

... I've done 15 HP of damage to myself. If my opponent is still alive by turn 9 he won't have been sitting there doing nothing; normally by this point I'm at around 5 health and hugely vulnerable to a stiff wind. There are options of course (Jarraxus being the main one) but it's still a bad position to be in.

About half of the classes have really strong hero powers that synergize well with their class cards. The only real option to take that away is homogenization. That was one of the things that ruined WoW and I really don't want to see it here unless there's no other option.
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The problem is he won't be around by turn 9, unless you get very, very unlucky.

My problem with the warlock rush decks isn't that it kills you quickly - it's that it kills you quickly, maintains board control, trades efficiently, and executes very consistently. It just does everything too well, too early. Maybe the answer is to increase the cost of cards like blood imp, so they have to pay for their 3-trait card (1/1 with stealth, buff all other minions, and demon).

I've encountered warlock-murloc decks at least 15 times in the last 2 days - almost half of my matches have been against them, I've won maybe 1 in 4, not because I did anything wrong, but because this deck is an auto-win against many deck designs.

In order to have any chance of winning, I found I had to bench my shaman and paladin decks that I had preferred, and play my druid with very heavy spell/board clear combined with higher health minions - and even then it's still no better than 50/50, because I have to get a good draw to win, the warlock doesn't - any draw he gets will work pretty much.
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