Rework to succubus?

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So it seems off this this minion doesn't have any kind of charm effect and is quite strong on the power/attack, when you consider it to the wow version.

What if she charmed a minion? possibly making it's attack 0 or essentially a "Freeze".

This might be too powerful in practice but with a little tweaking seems like this card could make more sense?

Maybe a reverse raid leader?

3 Mana for a 2/2 that lowers enemy attack by 1
(this might need a no less then 1 cap)
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What would be the specifics of this effect though?

"When this minion deals damage to.." type of thing? A Battlecry?

I made the suggestion of making her a 3/3 with stealth (Lesser Invisibility is one of her main abilities after all), which I think is a more straight forward change, but if you can work out the details I'm not against more severe reworks of the card.

That said, I don't think a "reverse Raid Leader" would be a good thing for the game, but otherwise "charming" or something a single enemy I'm okay with in theory.
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Well, paladin has,

Humility: Change a minions attack to 1

So placing this effect on a 2/2 for 3 mana as a battlecry doesn't seem too strong.
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So you want to make her a weak aldor peacekeeper?
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12/26/2013 01:22 AMPosted by Serefina
So you want to make her a weak aldor peacekeeper?

Wasn't aware that card existed, don't play pally, and I'm not saying make her exactly that, I'm suggesting that she be closer the the in game creature.

If it turns into a clone of another current card that seems a bit boring so the changing of attack might be stupid, but making her use some charm effect or use stealth would be nice.

Her current version makes no sense.
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