Paladin Control Deck Critique

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I think I have a pretty solid deck right now but I was wondering if you guys could help me improve it. I got super lucky on my last 2 packs and got a Golden Sylvannas (which I'm keeping till I get a regular one then I'll probably disenchant it for like a Rag or Ysera) and a golden Archmage Ano-something (the mage one which I dusted for my Tirion).

When I get a Rag and Ysera I'm thinking of dropping 1 Guardian of Kings and my Blessing of Kings. Would changing my other Guardian of Kings into a Lay On Hands be better?

This is my current deck right now.

Equality x2
Argent Protector x2
Knife Juggler x2
Wild Pyromancer x2
Sword of Justice x2
Aldor Peacekeeper x2
Truesilver Champion x2
Blessing of Kings x1
Consecration x2
Defender of Argus x2
Spellbreaker x2
Sylvanas Windrunner x1
Avenging Wrath x2
Argent Commander x2
Guardian of Kings x2
Lay on Hands x1
Tirion Fordring x1
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Your Wild Pyromancer+Equality is nice mix but with two Wild Pyro's in the deck and very few early to late minions, and almost no taunt (if you don't get your Defender or Argus) it would be fairly easy to control the pace of the game against you. Other that I like it, but my concerns come from a place that hasn't played the games you have, maybe if I played a lot of games with this deck my issues would go away, this is purely from an "on paper" point of view.
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Yeah I noticed I have a lot of trouble early game but I dunno enough about the game so I dunno how to fix it haha.
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The thing I would do would be to swap out one of your pyromancers or Truesilver Champion for a higher defense minion that will be hugely benefited by your Defender of Argus (two good examples would be Oasis Snap Jaw or Gurubashi Berserker since they all have high health but lack taunt, but with Defender of Argus' buff they gain taunt and increase their weak attack and improves their defense even more. Plus if you can make the Berserker into a taunt it will help his ability.)

It is up to you though, but just off the top of my head this would hopefully increase survivability in the mid game, in theory of course, it all requires testing. Also if you can get the Berserker on the field with your one (or two, depending if you want to keep both) and put a taunt on him, the 1 damage per spell would increase his attack very quickly.

Good luck.
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You're lacking minions. Simple cost effective minions. Both early game and mid game. I'd suggest droping one Pyromancer, one Avenging Wrath, one Sword of Justice and some more if you can (maybe Argent commender). Try to get some of these.

Harvest Golem
Scarlet Crusader
Chillwind Yeti
Dark Iron Dwarf
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Will Faerie Dragons work instead of Harvest Golems?
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