Best value for 400 dust ?

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I currently run with the following deck :

Noble Sacrifice x1
Redemption x2
Argent Protector x2
Faerie Dragon x2
Knife Juggler x2
Divine Favor x1
Aldor Peacekeeper x2
Scarlet Crusader x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
Blessing of Kings x1
Consecration x2
Defender of Argus x2
Spellbreaker x2
Hammer of Wrath x2
Truesilver Champion x2
Silver Hand Knight x1
Argent Commander x2

Yesterday I got Tirion Fordring from a pack and immediately swapped out my Silver Hand Knight !
I have 400 dust available to improve my deck further but I’m stuck on what to craft and what to replace. Any advice is greatly appreciated :
1. I can craft one Sword of Justice, and maybe swap out Noble Sacrifice
2. I can craft 2 Equality and 2 Wild Pyromancers for the board clear combo (what to remove ?)
3. I can craft 2 Equality and 2 Sunwalkers

Also, how to transition to a more late-game/control type deck without Avenging Wrath and Lay on Hands ?

I also have 1 Faceless Manipulator that I’d like to use (copy my Tirion or the enemy legendaries).

Thanks !
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My advice craft 1 Equality, 1 Wild Pyromancer and 1 Sunwalker and save the 100 dust. You may get lucky with another in the packs you win and more importantly you can gauge what style you like best and having 1 ofs is good enough for now when playing your deck if you want to go more speed or more control.

I dont recomment the Sword of Justice right now since many decks are moving away from that as you loose momentum when you play it.

Yeah definitely, throw the Manipulator in there even if its a 1 of since there are many Legendary's to copy and it will act as a second Sunwalker if needed.

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I would def recommend Sword of Justice with your current deck.

And no, decks aren't moving away from SoJ, it's simply that a lot of Pallys choose to run control in the "current" meta, which is of course subject to change...

Pally aggro/midrange is still a perfectly viable archetype.

I think a lot of players, particularly the newer ones, are just used to seeing pally control because it is one of the top flavers this week but since your deck is already committed towards an aggro strategy, unless you really want to commit to a more controlling archetype, I would definitely pick up Sword of Justice and keep the overall theme of your deck as it is.
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Sword of Justice. I am not an experienced player,but I have like 100+ wins,and can say that very rarely I needed more than 1 Equality (only in critical moments,to clear ridiculous spam). So in most cases 1 equality+2 conc/or 1 conc+wild pyro are enough. Sword of Justice on the over hand is super good and makes your divine shield spam 2/2 or 3/3 and allows you unfair trades.
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First off, thanks for all your comments !

I replaced Silver Hand Knight with Tirion, Noble Sacrifice with Faceless Manipulator and the 2 Faerie Dragon with Guardian of Kings. Early game was a little slow, ended up taking a few hits to the face, but in the end I healed back with Guardians and managed to win more than lose (took me from rank 16 no star to rank 14 with 4 stars in a couple of games). Even managed to have 2 Tirions on the field at the same time (that felt good).

I like both archetypes of the paladin:
- midrange aggro is fun, lots of minions and good minion trades. This will benefit a lot from Sword of Justice
- control feels like my druid deck (which i like a lot) and that would benefit from Equality and Abomination/Sunwalker

On the other hand, honestly, i never said to myself "My kingdom ! My kingdom for and Equality !"

I think I will wait a little, maybe I get lucky with a pack and build one deck for each archetype. At my rank there i found that it isnt't an immediate need to upgrade my deck .... at higher ranks things may change.
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