I've been toying around with a secrets mage deck and I would like to get some feedback on what people think about it. I love mages, but I hate playing the delay till pyroblast or the burn down with minions and then pyroblast, which is the general mage playstyle. I love messing around with secret as I think this brings an interesting mechanic to this game. Here's my deck so far:

Arcane Explosion x 2 (2)
Frostbolt x 2 (2)
Loot Hoarder x 2 (2)
Novice Engineer (2)
Wild Pyromancer x 2 (2)
Counterspell x 2 (3)
Ice Block x 2 (3)
Spellbender (3)
Big Game Hunter (3)
Coldlight Oracle x 2 (3)
Harvest Golem x 2 (3)
Fireball x 2 (4)
Polymorph (4)
Ethereal Arcanist x 2 (4)
Abomination (5)
Sylvanas Windrunner (5)
Flamestrike (7)
Archmage Antonidas (7)
Alexstraza (9)
Ysera (9)

I just recently started trying the Coldlight Oracles instead of Arcane Intellect. Unsure which is better at the moment. I did have several vaporizes and mirror entities and even a single ice barrier earlier, but found, while winning most games against other control decks, I was losing to rush downs. So I added the pyromancers, the abomination, and the Harvest Golems for some early game control.

I've been using the polymorph for threats such as Ysera when their attack isn't high enough for big game hunter. Counterspells and Spellbender for protection against Archmage Antonidas. Because the Archmage is in the deck I can use my fireballs freely for control in early game. Would love to fit in another Spellbender and possibly one more secret (like barrier or vaporize). Finding it hard to test the deck right now, due to constant disconnects, but feedback would be welcome. Thanks.