Blessing of kings tad bit op

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I think blessing of kings should Only last that turn like power overwelming
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You are comparing a 4 mana card to a 1 mana card, and that wouldnt fit at all in a Paladin theme.

And BoK is not OP. Its slow and req. a minion on the board to could be used.
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I don't find it OP, and there are many ways to kill creatures with it. Silence, Destroy Monster cards, Big Game Hunter, Charge. Also it costs a heavy amount to use and you need a minion on the field that is suitable.
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I agree with Gamerguy09, every race has a way to fairly, and cheaply, easily dispose of a single powerful monster.
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If were are just talking Hero Power minion, it's a 6-mana cost and required said minion to stick on the board for a turn. 6-mana for a 5/5 is not OP. A Yeti would be 8 mana for a 9/10 with zero magical effects, and once again, had to stick on the board for a full turn. This card is not OP. A lot hands have an answer and make a 2/1 trade happen. Some hands reach a bit and spend two cards to kill, which is still a fair 2/2. Some unlucky hands have no answer, and well-- you weren't probably going to win that game anyways.
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This card is fine. My main ranked deck is paladin and I don't even run this card and I am on like a 10 win streak currently rank 12. There is far better cards, and if you want something to be nerfed you should be complaining about Defender of Argus or Blood Imp, this card is no where near them and I would pick Yeti or Dwarf over it in arena 99% of the time. It's good, but no OP.
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