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Alright, so I think I know what's going on with mages and I'm almost positive that Blizzard looked at it this way. Basically in fantasy games, novels, MMOs and alikes, mages and wizards are always very very powerful with their spells and they have many spells just like in Hearthstone and they can usually take out opponents before they can even swing a sword at a mage, BUT they are also very fragile! They usually have no armor or much health so once someone DOES swing a sword at them, they usually die. Now what happens in this game is mages have all the powerful spells as mentioned above like crazy fireballs and pyroblasts and of course the infamous flamestrike and all the other op spells and still they are as durable as any other class.

That's the way I see it and you might think I'm silly here but I really like fantasy stuff and I know what I'm talking about.
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I'm not sure if you are really arguing fluff or game mechanics here, but anyway:

warriors: should be more durable than mages, and they are (class power is tip of the ice berg)
druids: should be more durable than mages, and they are (class power is tip of the ice berg)
Paladins: should be more durable than mages and they are (strong healing etc)
Clerics: should be more durable than mages and they are (healing etc)
Shamans and warlocks: are essentially fluffy mages, there is no reason they should be more or less durable.
rogues and hunters: it's arguable if they should be more durable than mages from a fluff standpoint, none of them are tanky archetypes.

What was your argument again? Yopu lost to a mage and so you think they should have only 20 starting health?
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This comparison basically makes no sense at all. In RPG type games, mages tend to be very weak because they can avoid melee combat entirely. So if you want mages to have lower health, then maybe we should add some other RPG/D&D fluff as well and let mages fly. Want to attack the mage hero directly? Your creatures now need to be ranged or flying!
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Also: No more summons or spells for martial classes, they should have weapons only.
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