Druid deck with illidan?

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I have an illidan stormrage and would like to use him in a druid deck.

I tried before and he worked ok, basically took lots of cheap spells and things like power of the wild and soul of the forest to buff the dudes he spawns but I found that most of the time you just couldn't really get him set up.

I was wondering though if anyone else has had any success with him, I know he is not generally considered a good legendary but I think he's pretty interesting and would like to use him if at all possible.

I was thinking maybe he could work well with yesra, she gives you a card every turn, he spawns a creature every time you play a card, I don't know might be good. Also it seems like you can't really play him til the late game anyways or he's dealt with too easily.
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ysera doesnt really combo with him as most of her cards have pretty bad effects for everything on the field aside from herself. Nightmare will wipe Illidan as well. you can probably use him as a bland late game Violet teacher, alsong with the lower cost druid buffs (mark of the wild, power of the wild) or innervates for bigger combo plays with things like soul of the forest.you could also try things like knife jugglers or try grabbing a centarius. Not a lot of options really outside of the normal combos for mass minion plays, just keep a lot of low cost spells/cards that also help keep your hand advantage.
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FB if you want to take full advantage of him you need to play with a few taunters round 3-5. You can run the bear at 3, shield bearer at 4 and druid of the klaw at 5 of course if you have coin or innervate you get this setup earlier. As long as you get him to survive a turn you can get full effect from him. Obv this is more of a gimmicky fun deck but hey those win too on occasion.

You can go a few other ways as well. Ancient Watcher, Argus, 2 cost gives taunt..forgot name..etc. Basically some protection. Direct removal wont help but its a start of a deck none the less.

You can also run Mark of the Wild make another guy taunt and count as a spell. If you have a Hogger you can use same setup to give him some bite as well.

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Yea getting him up behind a taunt would be good, I guess that's what makes him difficult to use his 6 cost makes it hard to get him up behind a taunt.

I'm in rank 5 right now and actually run a deck that uses imp masters and stuff, all about buffing up minions basically and at some point the board just becomes impossible for them to deal with(unusual for a druid I think but it works, based my deck off one I saw a legendary streamer using), and illidan seems like he should just be a better imp master, but the 6 cost really hurts.

Hogger might actually be nice but I don't have him.
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I am actually working on the same thing. I actually use him with Hogger and when things go right they go WAY right but they aren't going right a lot still working on it I need a few key cards then I think it'll have a shot of being a pretty solid deck.
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