I have seen a few new to beta complaining they are not moving far along beginner ranks and I said I would post a starter deck up to aid.

** Please note this is to help it is not a solution to your goal on a rank 10+ overnight **

Deck consists of 20 basic and 10 rare cards

I believe they all roughly balance out and focus on 2 for 1.

Obviously I used this deck to help mould my deck how it is now and I can say for a fact it can get you to roughly rank 18-13 without too much trouble. there are easier classes to climb rank with basic decks but if you like pally here it is:

2x noble sacrafice
2x redemption

2x argent protector
2x equality
2x knife juggler
1x mad bomber
1x loot hoarder

2x acolyte of pain
2x aldor peacekeeper
2x harvest golem
1x mind control tech
2x shattered sun cleric

2x consecration
1x cult master
2x defender of argus
2x truesilver champion

1x Abomination

1x guardian of kings

I still use every card in this deck now @ rank 6 with the exception of Abomination, guardian of kings and the noble sacrifices. The idea is use your redemptions for either card draw purpose OR extra minions. Its a control deck with amazing card draw ability whilst being a "beginner" deck.

COMBO TIPS: You would ideally use redemption with harvest golem early game or with acolytes. If you feel really spiteful against murloc opponents....Abomination :). A cool 5 card draw was obtained by dropping mad bomber in between a couple of attack ready acolytes a few times too.
P.S. a full board wipe followed by a redeemed cult master will make you go get a cold glass of water and some toilet paper....

If you dont have the rares yet dont panic just think 2 for 1 functionality and trade out to suit that play style.

Enjoy and keep at it as its worth the enjoyment when you succeed.