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I started to play Paladin and got a pretty good deck, I play around Rank 15 and at the moment I'm 14 with 3 stars, but I have a few problems.
At first, here's my deck
1x Blessing of Wisdom
2x Argent Protector
2x Equality
1x Knife Juggler
1x Youthful Brewmaster
1x Blood Knight
1x Divine Favor
2x Scarlet Crusader
1x Sword of Justice
1x Wolfrider
2x Blessing of Kings
2x Consecration
2x Defender of Argus
2x Hammer of Wrath
2x Truesilver Champion
1x Twilight Drake
1x Blessed Champion
1x Sunwalker
2x Guardian of Kings
1x Lay on Hands
1x Alexstrasza

If I encounter a warlock murloc rush deck I can't really do something, just when i draw the perfect cards (consecration, truesilver and argus defender) i have a little chance to win, I don't know what to do better.
And when the opponent plays Ragnaros I kinda lose if I don't have Equality on my hand
I think i should throw out the Bloodknight and Blessed Champion, but i don't know what I should put in for it. I just have around 400 dust.
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Yeah Blood Knight is just far too situational. I have just cut it and don't miss him at all. Harvest Golem is your best friend against Murlocs. You can easily lose the brewmaster and the wolfrider for two HG's. Also people might laugh, but I run the 0-4 taunt guy that is a 1-drop which between that and the two protectors can really help you wade through the early game. Never hold your consecrations if a blood imp is on the table.Which also you could add a Pyromancer or two now that I think about it.

Sorry a lot of spewing there, hope something in there gives you some ideas.
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Blood knight is a 3/3 for 3 which isn't terrible and has the potential to be really good.
it's the kind of card that teaches you when you need a 3/3 body on the board just to stay in the game and when you can afford to hold back and go large.

you really should add a pyromancer for warlocks or even an abomonation (dropping kings on an a-bomb is pretty funny too)
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