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Hey guys, so I've been working my way up ranked and I can't seem to get past 15. I get to 4 stars then just fall back down to 0.

Currently I've been working with Reckful's Mage deck, Ozzy's Frost Giants Deck, and I was doing pretty well with Kripp's Turn 8 deck earlier. Unfortunately I seem to have come to a screeching halt in my progress.

Reckful's - this is currently the only deck I am winning with consistently, but I still cant pass 15.

Ozzy's - I hate this deck, I don't know if it's just me and I don't know how to play it but I can't seem to win with it, i find myself afk'ing on turns just to get more cards for my giants so i can play them on turn 5-6, and when they die from a single shot spell I'm screwed.

Kripp's - this just isn't doing it anymore. the creature changes and mage nerf just made this deck too slow as it uses every card that recently got nerfed. I can't keep up with the Druid, Paladin, and Warriors I come across.

So i'm looking to either be rid of the mage entirely or tweak my decks to the point where they are working again.

unfortunately I've tried my hand a lot at deck building and it appears my "skills" are better suited for the 16-18 ranked range.

I've made a decent Priest, Paladin, and Warlock deck. (warlock being the best) but nothing comes close to these decks that aren't even getting me up one rank anymore.

Help please i honestly don't know what to do since the nerf... -_-

(on top of this, i just blew most of my cards from other heros to DE them for cards for all the mage decks, I.E. - Moutain / Sea / Molten giants, Alexstraza, Thalnos, and Ice Block.... so i dont have a lot of cards in other classes)
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Perhaps, you could look into your playstyle and how you make your decisions?

Another thing will be tweaking your deck a little so that it suits the meta of your rank.
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OP, you can try the deck I posted in this thread:

Shady: Dont get the warrior down below 12-15 health before you can kill him. Play with that in my mind and most otk warriors are quite managable.
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I dunno dude, I mostly use crappy starter cards (the only blue and above mage cards I use are 2xCounterspells and Antonidas) and I got to rank 13 without much fuss (I could probably go higher if I pushed but cba).

Now maybe EU is much, much easier than NA, I don't know, but it is probably your playstyle you need to work on.
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