Found a good combo?

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I was in arena and found a good combo.

Redemption with Knife juggler. What do you think?
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For 1 mana it is good,but nothing more i think. It certainly helps in the first 2-3 turns though. I have also found after redemption some creatures with enrage have it (worgen for example). Sometimes it is possible to punish opponents that dont pay attention to it.
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So enrage works with redemption? I have to check it out. That would be good with Amani.
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3-4 Harvest Golems in constructed:

Turn 1: Redemption
Turn 2: Coin -> Harvest Golem.
Turn 3: -> Harvest golem, RAM 1st golem into enemy minion.
Turn 4: -> Dark Iron Dwarf (Kill whatever they summon)
Turn 5: 2nd Redemption -> RAM another golem.
Should have 3-4 golems on the field & massive field advantage. Works hilariously well against Rogues since their backstabs & combo removals only serve to summon more minions on my side.
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There's a lot of interesting combos with Redemption.

Divine shield and stealth minions get back their divine shield/stealth when they come back.

You can suicide with a charge minion and attack again.

Any death rattle minion will work well.

Any enrageable minion will be enraged when they come back.

If it's very early game Faerie Dragon may also work well, depending on the matchup.
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Wow. Thanks for the info. Didn't know they kept their abilities when revived especially the charge. I guess the Imp Master would be good also.
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Very little beats Redemption combos than with Tirion himself. He dies, you get the 5/3 weapon, and then he is back again with taunt and a bubble, and will refresh your weapon when he dies again. Also, Rag, Sylvanas, Cairne. All of the legendaries benefit from Redemption at an exceptional degree.
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Redemption for a 7 card draw.

cult master
imp master 2x minion
2x acolyte of pain

Mage - flamestrike

cult master redeems and triggers all minions + acolyte ability x2

best use of redemption for me to date.
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01/05/2014 06:02 PMPosted by bambam7361
Wow. Thanks for the info. Didn't know they kept their abilities when revived especially the charge. I guess the Imp Master would be good also.

Not really, since she comes back with 1 hp.
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Redemption Target
Scarlet Crusader
Harvest Golem
Argent Commander (can attack again after resurrect)

Basicly anything with divine shield or deathrattle works well with Redemption. I have all these minions in my deck :D
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