Divine Favor too good?

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So I was playing a game today and i have 6 or 7 cards in my hand, and he had 1. He top decks Divine Favor and draws up to the number of cards I had in my hand. He drew 5 or 6 cards for 3 mana.

I think that's far, far too much value for a 3 mana drop. 4 or 5 seems reasonable to me, because drawing that many cards and then playing a big guy in the same turn is, in my opinion, probably too good.

Not sure though, that really stuck out to me as I played tonight. I like the meta of this game a lot because there's a lot of synergies between all the cards and classes, it seems like every round I play is unique. Just looking to get involved in the discussion. Cheers.
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Played that card with my control pally deck.
After some games I found out, that I mostly end up having more cards than opponent.
Throw the card out, since it was always a dead card.

But in a aggro pally deck. But I wouldn't call it OP.
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It's not OP. It can be incredible in certain situations, but it often sits dead in your hand.
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I dont use this card in constructed. In arena i gave it a chance a few times. Overall it mostly sit in my hand half game as a dead card. It was only useful a few times.
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This card is awesome but not overpowered. Even in my aggro pally deck, playing the card is very situational early game but late game its either fantastic or horrible -_- and i mean horrible. especially when top decking with your opponent

I recommend only running one in all paladin builds
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You should definitely give it a try with constructed
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It seems so strong when used in a good spot, but it's really not that great. Your example was a perfect situation that'll only happen once in a hundred games. But also be aware that it could happen when playing vs a Paladin, so maybe don't keep so many cards on hand, especially if it looks like he's dropping cards unusually fast.

Try running a deck with Divine Favor and you'll see most of the time it ends up not working out nearly as well as you'd expect.
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Obviously you've never been in a late game where both you and your opponent are top-decking, and you have two Divine Favors sitting in your hand that you can't use.

Divine Favor is fantastic when you can get 3+ cards from it, but it's absolutely awful when you're neck-and-neck with your opponent and keep drawing DF instead of something useful.
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I run a single devine favor for late game situations. I can rarely keep up with my opponent's drawing power by late game, so if the game goes long DF usually saves me from getting behind in hand size.
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Unfortunately , this card is situational to you and your opponent's playstyle combined.

in essence, you have to be dropping low-mana cards while he has to be conservative turtling player.
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I agree, this card needs nerfed. Please fix asap!
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Usless in control decks where you don't overplay your hand. In aggro, however, or any deck where you're constantly overplaying your hand, this card is good. It really just boils down to that.
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It's like UTH.

I mean, sometimes, it's ridiculous.
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Divine Favor is a lot like UTH. If you don't realize your opponent could be running that card, you can lose very, very badly. But it's not like the game doesn't announce "UTHER!" at the beginning. The 1/1 dudes for 2 mana are another clue that Divine Favor might be coming. And the hero portrait who says "Well Met" at the beginning. I've lost to Divine Favor a couple of times but I smile and switch to my Paladin deck.
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it's op in aggro decks. had like 7 cards enemy was card starved only 1 card left. finally i was getting field control, had 4 hp from those damn zerging minions. then divine favor, charging murloc and BoM. its all BS op. you can just dump your hand full of charge minions and if the enemy manages to get in control of the situation hes still dead.
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It's either a dead card or a god card. I'd consider that pretty balanced.
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I play control paladin and it's always a dead card for me. I don't even carry it anymore.
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Gl with this card against Zoo lock.
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Most games it's dead card for me. Just sits in hand. Even worse when I had 2 in my deck and had both in my hands...

Today I played some of my control pally tho and I top decked it in almost perfect spot. I had 2 cards and opponent had 6 and I top decked it. I won that game because of it. But that's extremely rare. Most of the time it's just tempo loss and I wonder if I should replace it with Blessing of Wisdom instead.
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In aggro pally it is overpowered. Those who say its not are dumb it rewards overcommitting to the board which should be something you should not do.
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