"Budget" Paladin Control Deck

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The reason I put budget into quotation marks is because the disclaimer here is that there is a bit of crafting involved. What this deck does not have is any legendaries and only a single 400 cost card, so it is "in budget" with a bit of time and stingy deck construction.

x2 Knife Juggler
x2 Wild Pyromancer
x2 Aldor Peacekeeper
x2 Wolfrider
x2 Spellbreaker
x2 Silver Hand Knight
x2 Guardian of Kings
x2 Stormwind Champion
x1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
x1 Elven Archer
x1 Big Game Hunter

x2 Equality
x2 Truesilver Champion
x2 Blessing of Kings
x2 Consecration
x2 Hammer of Wrath
x1 Holy Light

Now, let's take a look at the cards and why they are there.

Knife Juggler

A potent two drop and two cards you really should look into crafting ASAP - they work well in a number of decks. But more then that, Knife Juggler has natural synergy with the Paladin's Hero Power. He's also a gigantic target - the key reason to play a Knife Juggler will always be making use of his ability, but he's also a great card to play to have the opponent blow removal on.

Wild Pyromancer

He's in the deck because he synergizes with both Equality (Where he becomes a two card combo board clear) and Consecration (Ups the damage by one). As a rule, you're never going to play this guy straight from your hand. He's utility. Despite his stats, don't plan on him sticking around for a turn.

Aldor Peacekeeper

The deck's bread and butter. They're basically in place of an active taunt creature - they're there to reduce the stress level of incoming damage.


You may mistake these guys as minions. They aren't. They're three mana single target removal spells. At one toughness, use these guys as the battering rams they are.


My personal preference for silence creature. The Ironbeak Owl is cheaper, but it's also just a 2/1. The Spellbreaker is a 4/3, which makes him a viable attacker too. At the very least, he trades respectably.

Silver Hand Knight

You'll notice this deck lacks much in the way of outright attackers. The Silver Hand Knight is a force multiplier - he's there to put bodies on the field and apply pressure to the opponent. For those just starting out, Dragonling Mechanics can be used as a "stand in" while you work up to the two Knights.

Guardian of Kings

The deck's "heavy". Not only is a 5/6 formidable, but you get healed for 6. This card will literally save your life.

Stormwind Champion

Cheap. Easily Accessible. 6/6 with a passive boon that makes all your Silver Hand Recruits 2/2s. The general of your army.

Acidic Swamp Ooze

One of the best two drops in the game, I only run one because it's another form of control. Generally with this deck you aren't going to be doing much in the way of threatening combat until later game, but the Ooze also helps maintain board presence.

Elven Archer

Many will tell you swap her out for another Ooze...and it's a viable play. But I've found that single damage can sometimes make or break a game. Better to have and not need...

Big Game Hunter

To all newcomers to Hearthstone, I really have to say - this guy is worth the crafting cost a thousand fold! He's your Anti-Anything that dares to be big and scary. Molten Giant nonsense? No more nonsense. Rag got you down? Shoot him in the end. Or, as was the case in my last game, Blood Knight Divine Shield Eating Foolishness? Shoot the big stompy thing down.

Basically, he's a 3 drop that just keeps on giving. He takes some guile on when to know when to use, but when used right...he'll secure the game for you.


Equality and Pyromancer go together like peanut butter and jelly, but don't fret if you don't draw the two together. While I wouldn't be wild and free with the spell, it syncs up well with Elven Archer as well. Also note that most of your creatures are going to be reactive drops until late game, so an Equality on your end...what's your Silver Hand Recruits going to care?

Truesilver Champion

Board Control card. Heal + 4 Damage? Rock on with your bad self.

Blessing of Kings

Turn a 1/1 into a 5/5 face ripper. Or, get a particularly obnoxious opponent over the line to get shot down by the Game Hunter.


...do I even have to explain why having a 2 damage AOE Spell in your deck is a good thing?

Hammer of Wrath

What's better then a Wolfrider? Wolfrider plus card draw.

Holy Light

The "Black Sheep" of the deck, it's a two mana six health spell. Again - it will save your life. It also means this deck, factoring in the Truesilver Champions total healing as well, means the deck can restore 26 life to you. That comes in very handy against Mages and Warlocks.

Deck Pros

- Superior Board Control
- No "irreplaceable" minions
- No "High value" targets. Meaning facing Mind Control is far less an issue.
- High Healing potential "de-claws" Mages. Pyroblast isn't quite as scary when you know your deck can heal you through two of them, plus a Fireball for good measure.

Deck Cons

- No Taunt
- Weaker against other Control Decks
- No stand out powerhouses that can "seal the deal" of the game for you. Don't get me wrong, a Guardian of Kings with a Blessing of Kings is a scary threat, but you can't count on that winning you the game.
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Just tried this out, as the Paladin deck i created myself sucked pretty hard, i tried it twice and won twice, i did end up adding in a Illidan Stormrage for the second match. And these were not ranked, it was just casual. But still it's a good solid deck, thanks mate!
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The best thing about this deck is that if you do have access to legendaries you can replace some of the fatties like the Stormwind Champions for a Rag, Ysera or whatever else you have in order to give you a true finisher or otherwise greatly improve your control vs control matchup, so while the deck is on a pretty strict budget it has a lot of room to grow with access to better cards.
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Allright. I have been looking for a control pally deck for a while now that contains no legendary AND is up2date. This deck has it all.

Where could this deck potentially get me? The reason I'm asking is because I do not own all cards yet (1x Aldor, 1x Equality, 1x Big Game Hunter, 1x Wild Pyromancer) but do have the dust to make them (do have to DE legendaries).
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I'd throw in a guardian of kings and take out a holy light =)
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02/23/2014 07:28 PMPosted by Steele
I'd throw in a guardian of kings and take out a holy light =)

I wouldn't. Holy light is a good filler 6 hp when you play higher cost cards.
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