Rank 1 Shaman Control Deck

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I thought I would post my Shaman control deck that I've used to get to the Rank 1 Innkeeper in constructed. It relies on cheap and efficient minions and removal for early game control and then large beefy minions are used to take control and keep it through the mid-late game.

For card draw I use 2 Novice Engineers and 2 Azure Drakes which offer the side benefit of a increased spell power. The Sunwalker and Defender of Argus are useful for baiting out the hard removal/Black Knight in order to safely get the Earth Elementals out. Farseers are used for healing because I feel it's necessary due to Shaman lacking any sort of sustainability. I added the Abomination to deal with rush decks but I have enough dust to craft a legendary so I might be switching it out for Sylvanas soon.

Here's the deck, but I've also listed it below: http://i.imgur.com/jstZPjQ.jpg

2x Earth Shock
2x Lightning Bolt
2x Stormforged Axe
2x Novice Engineer
2x Feral Spirit
2x Hex
2x Lightning Storm
2x Earthen Ring Farseer
2x Havest Golem
2x Defender of Argus
1x Abomination (Considering switching out for Sylvanas)
2x Azure Drake
2x Earth Elemental
1x Faceless Manipulator
2x Fire Elemental
1x Sunwalker
1x Ragnaros the Firelord

I'm always trying to improve my deck so I'd love to hear all comments and suggestions as to how I can improve it. Thanks for reading! :D
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No Forked Lightning? No Doomhammer or Rockbiter?

I'm running something close to your deck, but am far off from rank 1 so your metagame should be drastically different. I like that you're using lots of taunts, I switched to that in mine as well though I'm running the full 2 Sunwalkers instead of 1/1 Sunwalker and Abom, Abom was more often a liability than a help which it should have been. Every Shaman should be running Farseer, it's very good.
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01/06/2014 02:45 PMPosted by Silverblood
No Forked Lightning? No Doomhammer or Rockbiter?

I used to run these cards but they have all been taken out one after the other; most recently Forked Lightning, just due to me feeling them not being necessary. The doomhammer, in my opinion, is only good if you are able to draw a rockbiter to go along with it for some high damage. The weapon isn't very good for killing off minions because you are just going to be taking too much damage doing the attacks for a class that doesn't have any self sustain save for farseer. So, when I took out the Doomhammer the rockbiters went with it.

As for the forked lightning, I just don't think that the card does enough to justify 3 mana cost. If you could choose the targets it might be ok but I don't want to rely on the randomness of the card to win me the games. I replaced it with Abom which I think works good as removal for weak minions (same as forked) with the added benefit of a mid range taunter (And no overload!)
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I find your list interesting, and while I get your forke argument I personally find it worth it, usually using it later actually with azure drakes for my deck. Have you tried unbound elemental? He's the card that I want to work, but can't get him too xD, as you don't run him, I guess you've had similar conclusions.

Also, why no Bloodmage Thalnos/Black Knight?
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i like abom over forked. i might try that. i'm running a shaman control with 2 auctioneers and 2 violet teachers. its been pretty fun
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01/07/2014 08:40 AMPosted by ManaLeak
with 2 auctioneers

Does it work good? I have 1 in the deck right now, but when there was an acolyte of pain as well, I had an overdraw problem vs priest and druid.

How exactly do you deal with rush warlocks?
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How do you deal with early blood Imps? Im at Rank 5 atm and I see a decline of aggro decks and an increase in Control WLs but the only early removal is either FL or a lucky bomber. (I also took in 1 Pyromancer, because i run many spells as you to remove early pressure and it helps me removing 1 health creatures quite nicely.)
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umm whats wrong with manatide tot?
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Meh, there is honestly nothing special about this deck. You pretty much just have the strong shaman and neutral cards in there. No crazy card synergies or cheesy combos. Probably even the underdog going up against other control decks.
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I think you should consider switching our one of your golems for swamp ooze
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Also, I think you should switch a stormforged axe for a flametongue totem
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Thank you for posting this. I'd been all over the place, and I ended up on this post. I want to tell you I copied this deck, for the most part; I can't afford the legendries I've been out of work two years.

I substituted what I could, the legendary gnome from beta is what I subbed in for Rag for instance; the rest of the rares I could manage, but not the epic.

I was struggling with a hunter deck, and a mage deck, trying to make it work, I burned the mage and built this. I am very impressed.

I have gone up against players dropping multiple legendries and survived handily, in the late rounds. I don't win every game, but its competitive now. I have a chance. Anyway, thanks.
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2x stormforged axe and no flametongue totems..

I think flametongue totem is to good not to have, they give your totems extra value since you can use them to clear stuff.

I like earth elementals against aggro but i think they get rekt by BGH and black knight to often in control games
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Hmm I see what you're going for here. Seems solid. I actually get not running rock biter. I would definitely drop the abomination and a 2nd stormforged for a mana tide and flame tongue as 1 offs. Especially since you are running durable dudes like harvest golem. Solid list though!

Also, why do you like the novice engineer over loot hoarder? Especially without rockbiter / flametongue to get much value out of it. Personally I've been running loot hoarder to trade with some of the obnoxious 3/2s in the aggro meta and only really regret it when I get hit with an earth shock in the mirror, but that's still not a big deal since they used a card to remove it.
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How on earth did you get past the aggro decks with this... I am facing warlock rush decks 2 out of every 3 matches, and I wouldn't make it through turn 6 playing the cards you have listed.
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I don't understand why people necro old threads. Something that worked well for him then, might not work 5 months later.
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