Race to Legend with druid control deck !

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I've had my fair share with the other classes (Lock / Priest / Warrior / Rogue / Mage / Shammy / Pally) till rank 8 but i have encountered a lot of druid decks that i didn't really find any answers to ... Here's the deck i've build to start , but at the moment every game i play it comes down to the last cards :

2xNovice Engineer
2xHealing Touch
2xKeeper of the Groove
1xDruid of the Claw
2xAncient of Lore
1xAncient of War
1xIronbark Protector
1xRagnaros the Firelord

Unfortunatelly , i have only Illidan and Gelbin as for other legenderies (I really wanted Gruul and/or Cairne Bloodhoof for midgame). The deck goes well , but not well enough as i expected. Any suggestions ? :) I'm thinking about removing one Starfall a Novice Engineer for Wild Pyromancer but i'd like some more info on that :) Thanks all !
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Spellbreakers seem unnecessary with Keepers. I'd take them out and put 2 Wild Pyromancers in. Naturalize and Nourish are debatable. I'd put 2x Innervate in since your deck seems late game oriented.

Try work towards Sylvanas for your midgame before Gruul or Cairne.
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Ok thanks, i swithed for now the 2 spellbreakers for 1 wild pyro (i only have one , saving for another legendary cause i only got class ones from packs such as grommash , tyrion and antonidas) and 1 Azure Drake (or i'll get another Druid of the Claw) .

Also i got rid of 1 nourish cause i was out of cards at late game long before my opponent and got one innervate in. The naturalize helps a lot against big creatures that i don't have answer in the early game and also i almost never loose the card advantage even if i use it early.
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When you play 2 swipe + 2 starfall u dont rly need A-boomb but u still neeed 2x druid of the claw !
If you use 2x bite there is 0 reasons to put 2 healing touches ...i rather run 1 touch + 1 bite +2 farseer.
Beating 4x giants mages + Alextraza + 2 iceblocks i can tell u that u need 1 healing touch for sure to surv. but very rarely u ll need to have 2 (considering you have bite too i ll say never ).
I would replace Ironbark for faceless if you can too mate ...cheers ! ;D
If u dont have an extra removals like Black knight , Tinkmaster...the Naturalize u pick is just fine.Its rly late game card and u have to use it very careful though ;D
If you want to be that annoying druid with spellbreaker too i kinda a like the idea of 3th silence .
Speaking of mid game save dust bro ...its name is Sylvannas (a beast 5 drop ..use it smart get most of it !) and Cairne ...such a juicy targets to faceless and argus later.

p.s. sadly u rly need 2x harvest golems(i would say 2x fiery dragons too...but harvest golems are really a must nowdays) if u want play control...consider adding some ;D !
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