Beating Warlock Giants Decks

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Let's face it, the winners of the patch are Warlock Giants. None of their cards got touched and they're already pretty strong. Their one strong counter, aggro mage, has been nerfed into oblivion. Strifecro's anti-aggro Druid deck is another one that can't keep up with it.

So with the dust I'll get getting out of the patch, I have two options. Beat em or join em. I think that I prefer beating them than joining them since everyone is going to flock towards Warlock Giants and I hate mirror matches.

My personal thought is that Paladin is going to be the "go to" class to hard counter Warlock Giants. Aldor Peacekeepers to make giants non-threatening, Equality + Consecration and Wild Pyromancer to kill them off. Tirion is a solid taunter but he's a silence magnet. I think Big Game Hunters just became mandatory in most decks out there.

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Simple; I think you're right.
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Koyuki's deck does quite well i believe
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Dont count on paladin countering WGC (warlock giant combo is a bit long), since they got some decent rush and u cant really save all the equality and stuff for the end game...

I have a really good paladine deck and its a 50/50 vs WCG, that early 2 ancient watcher+sunfury kills alot of momentum, going into 1 or 2 drakes with again sunfury/argus, finshing it off with all the giants in the world and possibly jarax...

unbelievble combo is to molten giant into jarax at 10health :/
it's beatble but it just feels like you playing vs somthing too strong...
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I haven't lost to one with my hunter deck yet. Hunter is really the counter to control and when the right deck comes out they will be on top.

The pyro nerf is really helping out hunter also, they really don't have a good answer to mage by turn 8 but can win by 10.
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Point taken. And atleast this isn't a "nerf everything because I donno how to hadle it" thread. :)
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Warlock Giants are not some uber scary deck. Every class has the option to plop down a couple 0 cost 8/8s. Every class should be prepared to take down a late-game minions. Molten Giants are a dead card in your hand until you are close to death. There is a risk and reward with any big bad.
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Aggro/Midrange Rogues are really really hard to deal with. Can't even count how many times i died to Leeroy + Eviscerate.
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So Reckful has been streaming the Warlock Giants deck all morning. As I said earlier, I foresee a LOT of Warlock Giants decks springing up later today (especially once the patch goes out).

I still think Paladin Control is the way to go though. It just seems to be the best counter in my head. Biggest problem with Paladins (and Druids) are they take a LOT of Legendary cards to work right. If I go the Paladin route I'll be dumping all of my new dust on Tirion and Tinkmaster. I'll probably let the meta simmer a few days first though before burning any dust too soon.
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I beat the warlock control deck with a warrior deck that i created that is based around following the rules of the new patch - Can't say for sure if i just got lucky and he got unlucky, but between well timed brawls and decent pressure he was on the ropes nearly all game (he played i believe 3 of his 4 giants, and 1 defender of argus)

Brawl pulled through with good results, which was a huge help too, but the executes for giants was solid as well
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It will be interesting to see what happens to the meta after this.

When designing a deck pre-patch, the requirements were 1) beat the aggro warlock and 2) do as well as possible against other decks. Many of the hard counters to StrifeCro's deck, the OTK warrior deck, and the warlock giant deck were not viable because they lost to the murlock/board control/rush warlock decks that still were the most commonly played.

Decks like priest do fine against the warlock giant decks, but you never saw them before the patch because they couldn't deal with the rush decks. We'll see a drastic shift in the types of decks played, and I'd love to see into the future, but your guess is as good as mine as to what will come out on top.
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I've seen druid do pretty good against it, so it'll probably remain a perfectly viable option. I don't think it would be a strong matchup though, if that's what you're looking for.
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Yeah Hunter is a hard counter indeed cause of all the damage they put out and they can do 15 damage turn 7-8 before Jaraxxus resets life.

But yeah other control decks that only put out 1 or 2 guys at a time will have a hard time against Giants cause once Jaraxxus hits they can put out a 2 big guys a turn with the hero power.

You will need to burst damage. I have put Starfire back into my deck for more Direct damage and Leroy for some burst. It has helped.

There is a variant out there that plays multiple shadowflames sacrificing a big guy for late game clear. It's a tough matchup without a doubt for a slower deck.

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Druid remains a really solid pick agaisnt it, Paladin can eat them for breakfast, surprinsingly for some people Hunter DESTROYS it. Nothing unbeatable about that deck, sure it got a little stronger after this meta shift, nothing more.
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I never found the old warrior giant decks that hard to beat little pressure early then stall them at 15 health until you can run 15 dammage in 1 charge they would always be like WTF attack me so i can do 30 damage next turn
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1 Naturalize
2 Faceless Manips
Black Knight
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Giants decks take alot of punishment to at least near death before it get rolling . If it ever gets rolling though you're in trouble especially with Jaraxxus. There's no good answer for a 2 Mana 6/6 every turn + whatever he can play to support the 6/6 in the long run.
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01/15/2014 08:47 AMPosted by kornpotties
I never found the old warrior giant decks that hard to beat little pressure early then stall them at 15 health until you can run 15 dammage in 1 charge they would always be like WTF attack me so i can do 30 damage next turn

Warlock is a little different if all you do is stall at 15 health i'll just play the giants for 5 Mana if your board is mostly clear. While 0 zero is awesome to combine with Jaraxxus it's not a must. Not like you can 1 turn kill anyway.
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Blizzard logic: Mage Giant decks OP, nerf freeze.
Warrior Giant decks OP, nerf charge.

Instead of nerfing classes to the ground, how about nerfing the giants themselves that are the heart of the problem?
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I'm not suggesting the deck is unbeatable. I don't think that there is a deck that is unbeatable and any deck that actually is unbeatable should be nerfed (one of the few times I actually support nerfing in this game since the meta will normally sort itself out).

I'm basically trying to get ahead of the curve here. A lot of streamers have been playing Warlock Giants lately so they've been becoming, increasingly, popular. And with the "balance" patch (a term I use loosely), it's obvious that this deck will become even stronger. One of the current counters, aggro mage, simply won't work against them anymore since they can't survive until turn 10 to Pyroblast. Strifecro's deck was designed when the meta was all aggro all the time and fails hard against Warlock Giants. Other Druid decks may be viable though.

Basically I have enough dust to either craft the actual deck or the counter (but no both). I don't really care for the deck playstyle so I'd prefer going the counter route myself.
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