Rank 25 to 11 with ONLY 1 loss. Deck list

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So I watch a fair amount of hearthstone content on the youtubes (kripp, trump, force, husky, artosis, loko) And I saw forces ladder season 2 leveling up video and he used a control warloc deck called the curi's board control warloc.

below is the link I followed from forces video to check out the deck he showed to be very effective for ranking up

So I saw what cards I have, and don't and read through the first variation of this deck as well and made a very close copy of my own deck list is below

2-Mortal coil
2-Argent Squire
2-Blood imp
2-Flame imp
2-Young Priestess
2-knife juggler
1-novice engineer
2-harvest golem
1-King Mukkla
2-shattered sun cleric
2-dark iron dwarf
2-defender of argus
1-sylvanas windrunner
2-argent commanders

So I may be off a bit on the math, but I think level 25-20 all levels are 2 stars, then 19 to 15 all are 3 stars, then 14-10 are all 4 stars? maybe... I could be wrong I literally don't remember now because I only lost 1 game on ranked this season so far so I never went down a level at any point. I figure this to be about 35-40 stars worth of leveling. and let me know if you know what it actually is. So with win streak (starting at 25 with 1 star already as I did for whatever reason at the reset) You win 2 games to get streak, putting you to level 24 with a star. then from there until level 13 I didn't lose a single game, so 2 stars for each win in that streak. I'd estimate about 15 games winning streak? again I could be wrong, I wish I would have documented it and how it did vs other classes.

I can say I faced mostly warloc, mage, and rogue. The 1 loss I got was vs a shaman who got some fortunate top decks (I won't say lucky, because if anything RNGeezus was on my side for this run for sure!) But after the loss didn't lose a game to were I am now, which is rank 11 with 2 stars. I'd just like to post this as I am heading to bed now, because I know tomorrow morning when I wake up, the nerf will have been set in and I could very easily drop rank when I go back to my favorite class (hunter) which got buffed.

So the deck is fairly expensive with 2 legendaries, but it's doable for free if you are smart about your dust. all that being said, it doesn't matter thanks to the nerf tomorrow morning, and that is why I am sharing this recap of my ladder climb experience showing support for the patch because how crazy good control warloc was.

Cards from this specific deck that recieved nerfs

Blood Imp-Biggest problem, with argus, harvest golems and blood imps, it was pretty much a sure win if you got 2 imps and any decent combo to drop the argus into. Post nerf-card seems useless outside of maybe dropping turn 1/ with coin and early stuff, but no were near the strength it has now

Dark iron dwarf- This was so good with squires, golems, you name it... this card was just nice for trading way up, and the style you play is clearing their board, which almost always implies with the strong early drops the warloc has available in this deck, that there would be something to buff when you drop it onto the battlefield that would make a huge temp swing.-- Post nerf, it's still good, a 4/4 is great even if it's buff only last a turn, it can trade up... with this deck it won't be as effective any more because using it expecting it to stick around on a minion behind taunt isn't as devastating damage wise vs your opponent.

Defender of argus- This to me was the soul of the deck, this and blood imp... Blood imp got hit with the nerf bat much harder, and seems useless now, argus IMO is still an amazing card. If you control the board, dropping it and getting +1/+1 on 2 minions is incredible value, and is hard to deal with, and very often puts the taunts out of most aoe ranges. The fact it still has 3 health means it survives consecration, which is great... I liked it more for it's survival than it's damage anyways, I usually traded it with damage to spare as a throwaway minion that I used primarily for it's battlecry anyways.--post pastch this should still be fine, but this deck in general is pretty thrashed.

Novice engineer- Only ran one... it is just too good of a card at 1/2 IMO, it's not game breaking, but it's too easy to use as a filler, it can take a little damage, easy to buff if they don't deal with it and cheap card mana cost guarantee'd card draw minion on top of it.--Post patch, it's more balanced, still worth using, but like buzzard, and owl, both get picked off easily now at 1 health, the utility of the draw is basically all it's worth now, can't expect any 1 health to live through much of anything without stealth or divine shield (ie: worgen infultrator orargent squire)

sylvanas windrunner- This card was good if they dropped something huge (earth elementals, ancient of war) with taunt that was on it's own and nothing else (other then maybe soulfire and argent commander) could deal with... amazing card really for any deck, but as many people probably realize was too good at 5 mana cost... seems much more fair post nerf at 6 cost, still a really good card.

anyways, hope you can enjoy the deck if you'd like for the few hours remaining before it gets nerfed completely useless... I know I'm happy it skipped me out of the erratic non-metagame levels of 15-20 where you can see some really crazy funky stuff, and there is no counter to a meta-game as one doesn't exist at those levels, there is so much of everything, be it rush, control, giants, you name it... no predicting those levels... happy to be down at 11 where it has seemed to level off and is a lot of mages and warlocs
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How does King Mukkla pan out? I was just curious because, I don't see many decks run him and I am interested in the card. Btw, nice list and congrats on your climb!
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How does King Mukla pan out? I was just curious because, I don't see many decks run him and I am interested in the card. Btw, nice list and congrats on your climb!

Thanks! King mukla (is personally tied for my favorite card in the game- with leeroy sharing spot of #1) works very well in my opinion.

This deck has been INCREDIBLY gimped, nerfed, weakened, or hurt by the new patch... the blood imp, and dark iron dwarf mechanics changing really hurt this deck badly, so if you are asking per this decks sake how king mukla does, well don't... this deck should not be played any more outside of casual.

However, if you are asking about mukla in general, or how he fares in a warloc (or any board control deck) for that matter, he is great. I think he may be one of the best (outside being my favorite) legendary's to be added to any board control focused deck. If you keep their board clear, the bananas can hardly be used to hurt you (unless they have charge- or against rogue the combos can hurt) but outside playing versus rogue, the only way mukla will ever hurt you (being a 3 cost 5/5) is if he is played at the wrong time

I never play mukla if they have ANYTHING on the board, unless maybe, and it's a big maybe, I have a taunt up and I am aware that the opponent has already wasted some removal spells or whatever they might have based on class and deck style. He is amazing to coin, drop turn 2.. a 5/5 turn 2 will be a lot to deal with for anyone outside priest (shadow word death however is much less common than pain, and even if they run it usually only carry one, if they carry two typically it is mulligan'd in opening hand since it is usually reserved for later plays- so unless they draw shadow word death randomly in the first 2 turns he can be a huge hassle for even priests).

I don't like to play him with anything on the board because even a 1 drop getting buffed 1 damage hitting mukla to 3 health, there are many many many cards out there that can deal 3 damage easily. He may still match value, but it is discouraging to lose him without trading for a few minions, or dropping 5 or 10 damage to the opponents face.

He can also be played for utility purposes, like flooding their hand and burning their draw. If you watched kripp's game on ESGN fight night vs artosis, he actually caused a golden king antonidas to get burned at draw due to the extra 2 cards (bananas) in the opponents hand.

He was once much better utility, when spell heavy virtually no minion mage was a thing, but most mages now post patch will probably just be frost giants.

any way you slice it, a 5/5 for 3 mana is good. I am a hunter main, so i especially like the beast affix he carries, but I'd say he's an overall really cool, fun and effective neutral legendary worth being run in many decks
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wow this is similar to curi's decklist


grats on it tho :)

btw i know u did state that u made small tweaks to the deck
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Just curious, how do you deal with mage?

I try to run a similar deck (doesn't have some of the cards) and I won from rank 20 to rank 15 without losing and then keep losing to mages.

Is young priestess that important to the deck? Without it my minions are often in the range of blizzard and just get killed off/freeze and I can't do a damn thing.
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01/17/2014 03:49 AMPosted by Dondarrion
Just curious, how do you deal with mage?

I try to run a similar deck (doesn't have some of the cards) and I won from rank 20 to rank 15 without losing and then keep losing to mages.

Is young priestess that important to the deck? Without it my minions are often in the range of blizzard and just get killed off/freeze and I can't do a damn thing.

They just nerfed the blood imps this week. That is why mages can aoe you now. You'll have to wait for an updated deck list.

Or go to the general forum and see what people are claiming is OP now and make one of those decks.
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Forget thsi deck, this worked well before the patch^^
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