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Hello, Warriors!

So i had a little bit of trouble with the warrior decks, i tried a few, tried to make my own, but i hadnt had success with them. Now i am working on a deck, i want to share with you guys, to give me advices, what to remove what to change. I had a lot of fun with it, and after the reset i didnt try out it in ranked, but in play mode, i usually play against ranked 8-7 guys, and it was decent. Here is the deck:

It is a weapon heavy deck, because i like to hit people in the face, with big weapons.

Fiery War Axe x2
Bloodsail Raider x2
Loot Hoarder x2
Novice Engineer x2
Knife Juggler x2
Shield Block x2
Frothing Berserker x2
Harvest Golem x2
Warsong Commander x2
Arathi Weaponsmith x2
Defender of Argus x2
Dread Corsair x2
Arcanite Reaper x2
Captian Greenskin
The Black Knight

Looks like this now, let me explain some things:
-I use it as an agressive, board controll deck, so i usually win (or lose) around turn 7-9.
-I clear the enemy minions with my weapons and with my minions, they go for the face.
-Make sure you allways have a weapon in your hand.
-For late game finishers, i allways have 1 warsong commander in my hand with a Bloodsail Raider, and i have Gorehowl or Reaper, it can do the work.

-Novice engineer and loot hoarder: for extra cards, with charge around 5 you can finish damaged minions or weak minions with them as well, what is great.
-Shield Block: I tried other spells before it, but i think it can be extremly helpful, eg. if you have a bad hand you can play it in turn 3 and you wont get hurt, against aggro decks, it is also good to have 5-10 more hp +1 card, and you hit minions with your weapon, so it can help you survive.
-Frothing Berserker: you play it then kill a minion with weapon or others so it becomes a 3/4-4 in turn 4, it works as a taunt as well, because people fear it.
-Black Knight: I love this, bye-bye 6-8 mana taunts with divine shield...
-Knife Juggler: I want to replace it, but dont know what to use instead, i cannot use its Battlecry because it will die after 1 turn and i cannot play a lot of minions once, i tried Mad Bomber, it is good early on, but i got mad when he wanted to kill me instead of my enemy. I want to replace it...
-Captian Greenskin: If you can buff your weapon with him, it is strong, otherwise, not so... if i get a better card i will probably replace him.
I do not have 1 turn drops, but i dont feel like they are that important, because you will allways have a weapon, and i have a lot of 2-3 mana drops.

If i get i am thinking of adding 2 Brawls instead of the Knife Jugglers, because sometimes i get zerged, or the enemy play too many minions to handle, so i think i will try it.

So warriors, what do you think? What should i change/add/remove? How is it overall?
Last season i was rank 12-13 with a crappy deck, and i want to get higher :), what do you think?
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Since you are going for a round 7-9 win i dont think the shield blocks will do you any good. its card for a card and you would do better with something to handle the zerging as you spoke of. or 2 inner rages to power your combo with gorehowl and charge bloodsail raider.

Note that my warrior deck have not peaked rank 13 yet so i am no the best. but this is just what i noticed.
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I was thinking about the same, but for me Shield Blocks, did a very great job, so i dont know if it worth replacing. I have an Enrage deck, but i dont really like it, and i dont like Inner Rage that much either. If you Inner Rage a minion it is dead next turn...

My other option would be Cleave or Whirwind, but i think Cleave is a bad card after all, but it can help you in some situation.

Any other opinion?
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1: Put the Kor'Kron Elites in your deck there is no good reason to exclude them.

2: Arcanite Reapers are tempo killers and a liability. Replace them with two copies of upgrade. I know that doesn't sound sexy but think about it. Your Arathi Weaponsmith gives you a 2/2 Heavy War Axe. Upgrade turns that into a 3/3 in essence it's a better Fiery War Axe now. Your Fiery War Axes on the other hand can swing 4/3 on turn three or turn two if you get the coin.

3: Cleave looks like a bad card, but in practice it's not. That's two dead minions if someone tries to rush you. You can destroy their momentum entirely, and you've got them on their heals from go.

4: Lastly I like Brawl and if you're running an Axe deck it doesn't really matter if one minion survives.

Look don't take my word for it humor me. Make the changes I suggest and see if they work out for you. I honestly think they will speed up your deck.
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Well, thank you, i will swap Knife jugglers to Kron'krons and the Reapers for Upgrade, i dont have Brawl yet, so i will use 2 cleaves instead of the armor. Or what do you think, should i replace the Shield Block? It seems weak, but i kinda like it...

Let's see, what can i do...
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Thank you man, Upgrade is much better in this deck than another weapon. The Kron'kron too. I still dont really like cleave, because it is so rarely useful, i mean, against a rouge or a murlock deck, it is good, but not more, i think if i can craft Brawl i will replace the cleaves for them. I was wondering if i should keep Captian Greenskin, it seems like a weak card, but in this deck, it is so damm useful!

Just for testing i played 13 games and i am 12-1 right now, i lost against a mage, because i had really bad cards, and i feel like this is going to be a decent deck.
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I enjoy having the captain in my deck gives you an upgrade and a 5/4 minion. Also when played I find my opponents immediately target him for removal even if he is not the most potentially threatening thing on the board, I guess its a sort of Greenskin is a legendary so he must be removed even though his special ability is a battlecry.
One card I would recommend getting is the spiteful smith. She is a 4/6 minion who when enraged will give any weapon you have a nice +2dmg buff.
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Yeah, i have 2 of that card, but what should i replace? It is a higher cost minion, and this deck focuses on mid-game, and i dont think i can survive a long late game, so i dont know how will it fit in the deck...Otherwise nice idea, i was thinking about the same.
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So what do you think, should i craft 2 Brawls and replace the 2 Cleaves with them? It is a lot of dust for me, so i need to know which might be better. I think Cleave is very rarely useful or even castable.

I could craft 2 Pyroblast to be op with mage instead...:)
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01/12/2014 07:15 AMPosted by Garthrog
So what do you think, should i craft 2 Brawls and replace the 2 Cleaves with them? It is a lot of dust for me, so i need to know which might be better. I think Cleave is very rarely useful or even castable.

Your number one priority should be crafting two Frothing Berserkers. They serve two purposes first of all they can get insane in a real hurry. Two days ago I played a Warlock who was running murlocks. Typical by turn 3 they had about five of the nasty buggers. On turn three I played my Frothing Berserker, then I played the coin and whirlwind. In one turn I wiped his board and handed him the problem of dealing with a 7/3 berserker. Because they can get so insane your opponent will go to extraordinary lengths to get rid of even a vanilla one because of what it could become. They are great and ripping the opponent apart, but even better is how they force the opponent to play your game instead of theirs.

Cleave I would keep because you will play weenie rush decks. It may just be Cleave hasn't saved you yet, but give it enough time and it will. However this is you call. Just keep in mind in worse case scenarios you'll have to wade into the combat with Garrosh. Sometimes your axe won't get the job done, lord of the arena for instance, cleave comes in very handy when you need to just get over the hump.

After the two Berserkers, craft one brawl. I slow play and asphyxiate my opponent I've always been a very control minded CCG player. I research winning decks find out where the fulcrum the deck turns on is and I neutralize it. Then it only becomes matter of time and wearing my opponent down. My style of play makes playing two brawls a very real possibility. Put one in for sure, if you run long games put in two, if you just want one in fifteen chance of pulling one then put two in.

edit: I'm glad the Kor'Krons and Upgrade worked out for you.
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I had 2 Forthing Berserkers in my deck already :). They are very fun and very good, my only problem is they die without being able to attack, but if i can keep them alive, i win...

Well, cleave is not bad, i have used it a lot, because of murlock decks. I am thinking of replacing the 2 warsong commanders, it may be a very bad idea, but they are basicaly the number one target of hard removal spells. I love comboing them, with Sylvanas, attack, die to a big minion, steal it and attack with it again, but it is a turn 8+ combo, and before turn 7, i cannot play a warsong commander, because i have to combo them in order to be useful at least for 1 turn.

I think i will replace the Loot Hoarders, for 2 Brawls, and keep the 2 Cleaves as well, maybe 1 Brawl/or/1 Cleave + 1 Shield Block to be able to survive longer and get an extra card.

I like this deck a lot, this is the one i have the most succes, around 75-80% winrate, but i tried it only in playmode. The ranked is still full with pros around rank 19...

But i feel like it can be improved some ways, but i have to figure out how... Thank you for the help again!
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I would definetily add inner rages and cruel taskmasters there, both are very good cards that can be used both to remove opponents 1 health minions, and buffing your own. 1 or 2 battle rages are also good for refilling your hand. I would probably also replace the harvest golems with raging worgen, that thing becomes an absolute monster with inner rage or taskmaster. And also replace the shield blocks with commanding shout, much better draw a card option, especially awesome with the worgen.
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I crafted one Brawl, and it is so much better! Saved me a couple of time, beating rush decks, is so fun with it. There was 2 games i survived and won with 1 hp, while i had 1 hp on turn 4...

What do you think, after the Sylvanas nerf, should i disenchant her for a Ragnaros? My only problem with her right now, that it will be impossible to combo her right, i played her with Warsong Commander for charge, she died and then i stole a big minion, i could charge again, but now the commander and the charge spell is useless, so i dont know.... She is one of my fauvorite cards, but i see 10/8 games while the enemy plays Ragnaros and just deal a huge damage...maybe Rag will fit in my deck better, but i dont really know.
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01/13/2014 08:28 AMPosted by Garthrog
I had 2 Forthing Berserkers in my deck already :).

How did I miss that?

01/13/2014 08:28 AMPosted by Garthrog
am thinking of replacing the 2 warsong commanders, it may be a very bad idea, but they are basicaly the number one target of hard removal spells.

You will need to think about what to do with them because of the recent nerf. It may be good may be bad, I don't think it will scream hard removal like It used to which could prove advantageous it just depends.

If Sylvanas was dependent on the Warsong Commander you need to reevaluate her utility and wheher or not she still deserves a slot in your deck. Yet again your call.

Ragnaros is arguably the best legendary in the game – some people, like myself think it's Ysera – you can't go wrong with him in this deck. I would however take a long hard look at Alexstrasza. She has the same toughness and damage as Ragnaros but she has the advantage of targeted damage. Also her ability could save you if the game goes sideways, but more to the point setting your opponents life to 15 health is huge in the deck you run. If she get's one attack off the job is half done, and that late in the game Gorehowl could close the deal. With the recent changes this can all be done before Mages can go Pyroblast happy.

edit: Out of curiosity what does the deck list look like now?
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Soo.. I did a lot of changes, and i am not sure yet, still testing, but with great results.

I removed the warsong commanders, they are almost useless, i better have a better minion than a combo/support one i could use her with the Bloodsail Raider combo, but thats not good enough.

I will replace Sylvanas for a Rag or maybe Alex, because she cant fit my playstile, if i cannot drop her in turn 5, or cannot combo with her, and i feel like i need just a bit more late game damage, and i am fine in late game too, and with a higher cost legendery, it will be better.

My decklist:

2 Upgrade
2 War Axe
2 Loot Hoarder/ maybe novice engineer? but after the nerf, nope
2 Bloodsail Raider
2 Cleaves/ i might need just one, it is good against heavy rush decks, but otherwise i can clear the board with my weapon+minions just fine
1 Shield Block/ I just needed a bit more hp, because against agressive decks, or mages it is just so damm good, i can take their damage till i have board controll, +1 card is good also
2 Frothing Berserker- one of the best warrior card, if you ignore it, you are dead...
2 Harvest Golem
2 Wolf Rider/ just for board contoll or agressive damage to the face/ i just cant find good 3 cost minions
2 Arathi Weaponsmith-love it
2 Dread Corsail- it is a 1-2 cost or free card with a a weapon
2 Kor Kron Elite
1 Arcanite Reaper- i can upgrade it to 6-7+ damage, can be a surprise/ but one is enough
1 Brawl- i love this card/ i am thinking about putting 2, but 1 seems good enough
1 Captain Greenskin
1 Spiteful Smith- if you dont have a weapon, it is still a decent card/ if you havem it is a beast/ as a warrior i prefer this than Azure Drake
1 Sylvanas/ i will change her for Rag or something elso /maybe Leeroy?/-after the nerf she lost her porpuse for me
1 Black Knight
1 Gorehowl

I cannot really find a decent 3 drop, and i am still testing.
I do not have one drops, but i muligan for a weapon anyway, and you have to know who is your opponent, when muligan.

Peripatetic, what do you think?

edit: oh, i removed the Defender of Argus, you cant play him alone, and i dont think he fits there
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01/15/2014 07:50 AMPosted by Garthrog
Peripatetic, what do you think?

Personally I think Heroic Strike and Execute should be in there.

The Arcanite Reaper is fine, though I prefer to run two Gorehowls, but like I said I extend games

01/15/2014 07:50 AMPosted by Garthrog
I cannot really find a decent 3 drop, and i am still testing.

The Tauren Warrior is a great overlooked 3 drop. First of all your opponent doesn’t know you’re not running an enrage deck so they will overact to the text. Second he’s a taunt creature so he has to be dealt with. He’s great for baiting out removal cards early because they don’t want to lose board position and they want to one shot him so they don’t lose on minion trade. Also he shares costs with the Frothing Berserker. In a coin situation a Tauren Warrior on turn two and a Frothing Berserker on turn three has some interesting results.

01/15/2014 07:50 AMPosted by Garthrog
maybe Leeroy?

Don't craft Leeroy over Ragnaros that would be a big mistake. If your deck can maintain board position Ragnaros will become less random as the game progresses in which case he’s the easy choice.

I still like what Alexstrasza and Cairne could bring to the table but it’s a question of who’s utility you would find strengthens your deck the most.

It’s getting closer.

Also you might want to look at Spellbreakers.
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I did not see a lot of "silence targets" in my games, and for taunt, there is the Black Knight.

I use Arcanite Reaper, because i dont have a second Gorehowl, and with some cards i can make it a 6-7/3-4, what is really good.

About heroic strike... because i allways have a weapon, it would be an overkill a lot of times, but for hero damage/finisher, it could be good, or in some bad luck situations. Maybe i swap 1 Cleave for a Heroic Strike just to see how it works, but dont know.

I didnt run into situations where i feel like i need an execute, which is strange, but because i can deal with minions early/midgame and i want to finish my game before very late game, it is fine.

Yeah tauren warrior can be cool, but what should i swap, the Wolf Riders? I am bored of Harvest Golem, because i see it every game, and it is in, in almost every decks of mine.

I dont really see the point of Cairne, he cant be removed easy, but with this deck i feel like direct damage is more important. Why i like the idea of Ragnaros, sometimes i and my opponent run out of cards to turn 10, against heavy board controll decks, this can happen, and i lose because he just drops Ragnaros, and gg.

The Alexstrasza combo will be a lot more weaker after the patch, otherwise i would pick it, but after you summon Alexstrasza, you can wait 1 turn to make the combo happen, and the enemy wont let it happen.

I guess Onyxia is a weak card, i dont see anybody playing her, but what about Illidan? It seems like a decent card, and can keep board control so well.

And what about Grommash? The problem currently i cant enrage him, but if i put an inner rage to the deck, it can be very powerful. The only problem i cant use him in any other deck.

Well, hard choice, i feel like compared to Ragnaros, the other legendarys just too weak...
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I regret buying Grom, I still run him but he's much harder to pull off than you'd think. In this case you should go with your gut. I like the idea of Alexstrasza but Ragnaros is more of a play it and forget it minion which might suit your deck better as it's a minion kill every turn.
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Bah, i am just unlucky, or i need an another deck, because i just cannot win anymore. 2 days in a row i lost every single game i played. Before that, i won almost every game.... so i dont know.
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The meta game is shifting and is slowing down with the new patch. When the game slows removal becomes more important and larger creatures are playable. Also aggro always rules the meta game for the first week after a change.

In the mean time find out what tweaks are now possible due to the speed change of the game.
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