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I think my biggest problem is right now, that everyone dusted sylvanas and crafted Cairne and i hardly can deal with him. Of course they give him taunt by argus, so it is hard to kill him. I am going to add silence now to my deck.

The other thing is i can see my opponents dropping 2-3 legendaries in a row, and it is fustrating. I guess seeing a legendary is bigger problem, than counter it, because i just start panicing when i see Cairne+Rag+Ysera+something in 2 following turns.

A lot of people are complaining because of the hunters, but i can counter them very well, what is a bit funny. Druids and mages are the problem now, but i just get horrible cards a lot recently, so i guess it is just the bad RNG.

Well, i can praise to the RNGesus more.
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Nah, i am a bit upset now. I havent won a single game in 3 days in a row with the deck i am using about 3-4 weeks with around 75%-80% winratio. Druids ate me alive, so as almost everyone else, i just dont know what should i do, and this is in unranked...
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Well since I don't play my own Warrior deck, I'll go ahead and give it to you. I'm going to assume that you bought Ragnaros. If not replace that slot with whatever you got. I've made alterations for what you don't have (a second Gorehowl, Barron Geddon, and Grom Hellscream)

Arathi Weaponsmith – 2X
Frothing Berserker – 2X
Kor’Kron Elite – 2X
Silvermoon Guardian – 2X
Spellbreaker – 2X
Tauren Warrior – 2X
Ragnaros the Firelord – 1X

Brawl – 2X
Cleave 2X
Execute – 2X
Heroic Strike – 2X
Mortal Strike – 2X
Rampage – 2x
Upgrade – 2X

Fiery War Axe – 2X
Heavy War Axe – 2X
Gorehowl – 1X

Keep in mind that I haven't played my Warrior in a few months and that this may be completely out of sync with the Meta game. But, by the sounds of things It could hardly get worse.

When you play Druids slow-play and if they field lean on removal, there is ample in this deck. Remember to suffocate their game by removing their own creatures, if you remove using a minion use rampage on the wounded minion. Use one brawl early to clear the board if things get out of control. Save the second brawl for late game and save your executes for late game removal of things like Ragnaros. Remember this is not a race against them.

With the mage it's a race, hit them hard and hit them every turn you can.

In both games never leave idle mana and remember to armor up whenever you get the chance.

Good Luck
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Thank you, i will try it out. My problem with Druids and Giant Decks, that i can control early/mid game with weapons and trading minions, but then the big minions just overhelm the board, and i cant deal with them, because i used my creatures early, and hitting them with a weapon is a bad idea. Ragnaros is what i needed, he won me a lot of games, i can bring them down to 8 hp, then play Rag and hope he will hit the hero and not the 4 giants on the field, because it is a loss anyway.
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Is Baron Geddon that good? I dont really see why...
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Barron Geddon deals two static damage across the board and we can armor up. The way I use him is a pretty jerk move. Essentially you set up a cycle of armoring up and ending the turn. Any low cost minions are on their last legs if they even survive. The Axe takes them.

At this point choices for removal are pretty limited.

All low cost units become pointless, if it's a weenie deck the game is over. Anything they drop has to have a lot of toughness. Barron Geddon calls out any heavy hitting minion in the game and unless they are: Leeroy, King Krush, Ragnaross (50/50) or Deathwing they will take the damage. Which gives them a choice. Take the damage to the hero now, or suicide into Barron Geddon. If they attack the Hero you execute them the next turn and Barron Geddon keeps doing this thing. Essentially you steal a turn from them if they make the right choice and suicide. Meaning you can drop Grom, or Ragnaros unopposed the next turn.

He also is pretty good at enraging From.

edit: If you were wondering I didn't craft him. I pulled him and decided to put him to use.
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