Soooo Giants Warlock

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01/15/2014 07:44 PMPosted by Serefina
Just dont bring a Warlock under 15 health, until you can burst him down.

This was stupid advice against Warriors and it's even stupider advice against Warlocks. Even if you can manage to get a few minions on the field against all the control, come turn 8 he'll Hellfire and Life Tap to drop his health to 10, then play 2 giants and the Sunfury Protector.

Not saying it's OP, but don't try to say that just not dealing damage to him is a viable counter. That's just silly for Warlocks.

Something I ran into the other day though that may be effective is not so much stacking a pile of big removal but putting in a BGH or two and some Youthful Brewmasters. Warrior ate 4 big minions of mine with Tinkmaster Overspark and this method, I got a freaking squirrel every time. I kept dropping them since I figured eventually one would turn into a 5/5, which isn't too bad from an 8/8, but nope, all squirrels.

The Youthful Brewmasters are useful in other situations too, so you're not just putting them in to deal with Warlocks. I had someone ragequit once when I played Argus on turn 5, then on turn 6 used the Brewmaster and played him again.
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I think Paladin is going to be the direct counter to Warlock Giants deck:

It will require some smart playing but, typically, Warlock Giants doesn't rely on a ton of minions. Just really big and beefy ones that are also protected with taunt.

However, in the Paladin's arsenal, they have the following:

Equality to bring a Giant to 1 hitpoints at which point a 1/1 token can finish it off

Aldor Peacekeeper to make the big bad giant a negligible threat (works even better if you were able to remove taunts).

Big Game Hunter = 1 Dead Giant

Tinkmaster for dealing with big threats such as Sylvanas where a 5/5 no flavor minion is less scary than what is actually played.

Tirion for a solid taunt

Koyuki's decks are good starting places to get ideas about how to build a solid Paladin deck that will stop a Giant deck in it's tracks.

Druid is another viable class as well. Strifecro's deck fails hard against giants but that deck was designed to stop aggro decks. Pulling out the Ancients of Wars and other cards should make Druid a solid giant stopping class.

Biggest problem with both Paladin and Druid decks is that they require a LOT of Legendary cards to be competitive. While you can build budget decks for these classes, they are not nearly as good as the ones packed with Legendary cards.
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The freezy mage control deck is pretty tough to beat for the giant warlock control
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