Critique my deck. Thanks!

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I want to get a couple dark iron dwarves in there but not sure what I could swap out for them. I also have a King Mukla I could throw in there. Not much dust to craft anything atm cause I spent it getting important common/rare cards.

The deck that's been giving me the most trouble so far is any kind of warlock rush deck. How do I deal with it better?
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Updated deck, swapped out hammer of wrath for wild pyromancers and swapped out guardian for lay on hands.

Thoughts? Still having some trouble with warlock murloc rush - if I don't draw consecration/wild pyromancer/equality at all in the early game, I seem to be pretty much screwed
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Keep in mind I'm no expert, but here is my 2 cents...

First of all, Sea Giant is not a good card at the moment due to it's mana cost conditions. Also consider, if there are a bunch of minions on the battlefield, how often is the next best possible move to lay down another big minion? Of course, there are other reasons...

So the first thing I would do is swap out Sea Giant and replace it with a Blood Knight. You may also want to consider having up to 2X Blood Knight in the deck as well because you have so much Divine Shield opportunities.

At first glance the first thing I noticed with the deck was you've got A LOT of minions. You should consider removing some minions and replacing them with, well, non-minions. Like...

Your deck also lacks considerable Card Draw, so consider removing 2X minions and adding 2X Hammer of Wraths. Adding 1X Divine Favor may also help with that...

Other cards I think might benefit you (fairly Heavy Rush) deck are 1X Sword of Justice, 2X (or 1X) Humility, 2X Avenging Wrath...after removing 2X (or 1X) Truesilver Champion, 2X Faerie Dragon, 1X Faceless Manipulator (or Defender of Argus), and possibly Sunwalker and Lay on Hands.

I've found that most often times, I only play Lay on Hands when I'm already behins and losing, so if you add the other Card Draw methods that I talked about earlier with the Hammer of Wrath (X2) and the Divine Favor (X1) you should be OK to remove it.

I would throw in 1X Holy Light as well.
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I'm not very good, but I would take out sea giant and a BoK for 2x avenging wrath. Would also take out the last BoK for a sword of justice or hammer.
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If you want healing your best bet is Guardian of Kings. Also with so many divine shieded minions you could benefit from redemption.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I have updated my deck after some lucky opened packs. Still having trouble with murlock rushes.

I need advice on which cards I can remove without suffering too much. My early game doesn't feel strong enough.

Cards I'm considering swapping in: Earthen Ring Farseer, Shattered Sun Cleric, Azure Drake, Spellbreaker, Imp Master, Knife Juggler, Abusive Sergeant.

I think I really need to get the SSC's in but not sure what to drop for them.

I also have a Bloodmage Thalnos but not sure if he belongs in my deck.
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01/12/2014 12:09 AMPosted by Phenomenon
Updated deck, swapped out hammer of wrath for wild pyromancers and swapped out guardian for lay on hands.

Thoughts? Still having some trouble with warlock murloc rush - if I don't draw consecration/wild pyromancer/equality at all in the early game, I seem to be pretty much screwed

Im having the same problem myself and have been trying to figure out a possible solution but there no possible way around it. Paladins just do not have the support to keep up with a 4th turn kill -_-

Ive just come to terms that Pallys are underpowered in the current meta and need suport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Okay i am going to list the Cards of yours that don't Work against warlock since it gives you trouple.

Equality/Aldor Peacekeeper: Make a decision here. Neither of these are very good against Warlock but you will be facing druids sometime aswell. You shouldn't run 2 of both if Warlocks give you trouple.

Divine favor: In terms of Draw power, not as good as you might think. Rarely will it give more than a single Card plus unless you play ultra rush and... well that doesn't Work either, trust me i tried. Too slow either way.

Defender of Argus... Ah good old defender. Raw value once placed next to 2 other minions.... and there is the problem. If you have 2 minions on the field at the start of your fourth turn against a warlock, then it means you are already winning. If you don't have that, then this minion won't solve it.

Faceless Manipulator: Ah the thrilling sensation of getting your opponents Ace monster copied for the mere cost of 5 mana. It is tasty it is delicious it is... Oh crap it is a warlock they don't have ace monsters... Crap it is mage, they don't have monsters at all... Crap it is a rogue...
Getting my point yet? This card is a trap. Great value in theory but once you look at the meta you realize how awful this card is. Get it out. NOW. And don't ever let me see you copy my Tirion again.

Alright Cards I would recommend.

Redemption: Having a turn 1 move vs not having one is huge when going against warlock. Every point of mana spent to deal with theirs is well spent. Plus this card is great when combined with Divine Shield Minions and Deathrattles (Like Cairne).

Knife Juggler: Painfully Painfully mandatory. I hate him, but he is needed. Matchups will be lost and won depending on whose Knife Juggler hits the Hero the least, but we can't really do much about that. Get him in and keep him there until Blizzard hopefully nerfs him.

Scarlet Crusader: See the point about Redemption working with Divine Shield? Good, because in terms of paladin openings it doesn't get much better than Turn 1 Redemption Turn 2, Coin Crusader. It is good, try it out.

Good luck out there.
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