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Why doesn't Kidnapper return an enemy minion back to your hand, that would make more sense? And effectively justify its rarity?

Such an effect could be balanced with say increasing the mana cost of the minion returned to your hand and/or reducing the poor stats of Kidnapper even further?

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I have been suggesting this for a while. There are a lot of ways they could limit it like a cap on the amount of attack the minion you take has, how much mana it actually costs or my favorite how much health the minion has so I can make the joke: Fat people are harder to kidnap

Compare the card to Cabal Shadow Priest and there is no reason the card shouldn't work like this, have better stats and even be a battlecry over a combo.
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it is fun because


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I think instead of stealing a creature, you could simply have its combo work more like a freezing trap and have the minion cost x more, where x is the amount of cards you played before playing the kidnapper. Like a cross between Van Cleef and Freezing Trap....
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The Kidnapper is actually pretty useless as is. I really love Sap. It's actually really powerful and easy to screw someone over with. However the Kidnapper just doesn't work all that well. He's six, which is problematic enough as a six cost 5/3 is not good at all. Three health is way too low for a six cost compared to the vanilla 6/7 ogre. Hell, even the vanilla Yeti is 4/5 for four. The three health is absolutely dreadful, it dies to your average two cost. The Sap ability does make it a little more viable, but you're not going to make it work because it's a combo which means you need to have played other cards first. The problem is that you're almost always not going to have a situation where you can do that with its massive cost. The Rogue cards that have a low enough cost to make the Kidnapper work are situational or more than 0 cost, making it a little difficult to pull off. Making the Kidnapper even more situational than the other Rogue cards.

Basically in order to be useable, it needs to have at least five+ health and the combo needs to be changed to a battlecry. It would definitely be a lot better and we'd see it more often in the meta.

Though we all know Blizzard doesn't actually buff cards, they just nerf the flavor of the week.
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