Suggestion to make Void Terror viable

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The way I see it right now, void terror is a relatively useless card. It makes me sad because I WANT to use this card in my deck but its just not practical the way it is.

All it takes is an assassinate/hex/sheep/shadow word death and the opponent is effectively 2 cards above you with one move (the two the void terror ate and the void terror itself gone) and those cards are in NEARLY EVERY deck in x2. My suggestion is to make the void terror immune to targetable spells (like the faerie dragon). It can still be taken down by indirect methods such as deadly shot/cc and this way it doesnt open you up for literally being 2-3 cards down in a turn.

Forget everything else with warlock right now being OP yadda yadda, I seriously just care about seeing this card being actually useful for once.

EDIT: Yes I know this belongs in Suggestions but I want to get the input of the community first.
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Horrible idea. Void Terror goes above 10/10 most of the cases (provided you use it correctly). Of course, what you're saying is true, it can be taken out easily by hard removal, though I liked the idea if Greywind the other day. He suggested that it should have a death rattle, when it dies, it distributes its attack and health among your other minions. If you ony have Void Terror in play, you get nothing if it dies, but if you have another minion on the board, it shouldn't hit you that hard and besides, it would still be susceptible to Polymorph (because it doesn't actually kill the target). But maybe that would be OP, I would rather suggest that he distributes only its BONUS attack and HP. Or some percentage of it.
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You and me, both, Rambo.
I think it would make him nice, but I also don't think we're going to see any work done on our current cards anymore, outside of nerfs.
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It's going to be crazy hard to balance like it is right now. Giving it charge or stealth would make it horrendously OP, but without something like that it's pretty useless since everyone runs multiple silences or removals.

I think the only thing you could do with it that wouldn't be silly overpowered is to make it immune to silence effects, so it forces a hard removal. It would then fit in nicely with a deck built around creatures with 5+ health, since you could make the enemy use one hard removal on turn 4 rather than being able to wait until turn 5 or 6 and just delete anything you throw out.
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Alternative would be to give it charge or untargeteable by spell or hero power, but give his absorption a hard cup, so he can only grow to be a 7/7 for example.
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I've been using the void terror late game and usually with a sylvanas and power over whelming. Hopefully by the time I use my void terror I've already baited their hex/sheep/hard removal spells with something else.
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You're completely missing the point.
Void Terror enables you to get out a really scary creature PRIOR to board clear. With Power overwhelming as well as ancient watcher you can get out an 11/12 AT TURN FOUR. Board clear doesn't appear until turn 5/6 and has to be in their hand.
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Would be way op if it wasn't targetable with the stats it gets, its best used in combos like eating something hit by power overwhelming or that your opponent hit with corruption (if anyone used it) or that nightmare thing from ysera, or anything else where your minion would die at end of turn, or comboed with deathrattles like sylvanus, or something like ancient watchers that cant attack.

If you wanna fix some of our horrible class cards void terror is not 1 of them, try working on our underbudget drain life and shadow bolt spells, or make sacrificial pact more viable and less gimicky, or make felguard more viable, or have twisting nether silence then destroy all minions, those are some changes we need much more.
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Void Terror's problems stem from a larger problem with the game: too many HARD counters. If you drop one of these early and your opponent can't deal with it quickly and efficiently, you've pretty much won. If they can, you are suddenly behind by quite a bit.
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Void Terror is a viable, but situational card. Use it after power overwhelming to recoup a minion that was going to die anyway, or use it to buff something out of AOE range. Sure it might eat a removal spell or a silence, but something is going to.
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