Thoughts on Corruption Adding Demon to Minion

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The spell Corruption has been viewed as a very lack-luster spell, as it "forces" trades that would typically occur anyway and can be silenced on the opponent's turn.

What if it also added an effect that would add Demon to a minion to be used with sacrificial pact for a 2-card removal and heal? Would you start to use these cards more frequently? Do you think it is too strong and would require other changes to the card(s), or do you think the two-card combo doesn't sound better than siphon soul at 6 mana?
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The problem is that this still forces you to play TWO cards, for some rather bad return.
Better would be if corruption was turning all of the currently existing minions on the board into demons.
Now that would be an interesting interaction.
Suddenly you could use it to kill opponents bigger monsters.
Still a 2 for one card, but more fun use.
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Corruption should kill the minion at the end of your turn not the start of your next meaning you can't use it to remove a Taunt and attack the opponent directly but still remove a minion without taking more damage from said minion . Should of course have higher mana cost then.

Seriously this is the only removal spell that doesn't do its job on a consistent basis.
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I'd rather not make any changes to support the use of Sacrificial Pact as it currently is.

So far, the best suggestion I've heard is to make it (before applying the debuff, obviously) silence the target. That might come with a cost increase (make it 2) or something, but it would make it much more flexible, and stuff.
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This card is so bad... it needs reworking... In many situations is a dead card...
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