30 damage OTK Rogue with Malygos

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Could Malygos be to Rogues what Alexstrasza is to Warriors? In theory, you could do 30 points of damage to your opponent quite safely using Malygos. I was thinking of a setup similar to Warrior's Alexstrasza + Gorehowl + Charge OTK. Listen to this:

Turn 9 with coin or turn 10 - Malygos (9 mana) + Conceal (1 mana. Main threats: twisting neither, flare, deadly shot. Difficult to kill a stealthed Malygos)
Next turn - Faceless Manipulator (5 mana. You now have 10 Spellpower) + 2x Sinister Strike (13 damage each for 1 mana) + attack face for 4 with Malygos.


This deck is just an idea and I don't have the cards to try it out. The main issue with this deck is that the combo requires 5 cards, which is doable considering the popular combo Molten Giant x2, Brew x2 + Warsong Commander. Also, that it is a late combo. Maybe someone could try it out? Thoughts?
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might be interesting to incorporate into miracle rouge deck, then you have vancleef, gadgetzans, questing adventurers, addicts and malygos as a fallback
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Yeah, that's a really interesting idea. If I had the cards I'd probably run something like:

Backstab × 2
Preparation × 2
Cold Blood × 2
Conceal × 2
Sinister Strike × 2
Eviscerate × 2
Mana Addict × 2
Novice Engineer × 2
Sap × 2
Shiv × 2
Edwin VanCleef × 1
Questing Adventurer × 2
Faceless Manipulator × 2
Gadgetzan Auctioneer × 2
Malygos × 1

Removing headcrack and shadowstep (It's a preference thing) and leaving two spaces for something like SI:7 agent or if I felt worried that I wouldn't make the late game, add 2x Sunwalkers. What do you think?

Edit: Keep the headcracks. They're nice.
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Its hard to find a good mix between a combo VanCleef/QA/Addict deck and a spellpower deck, but I would say you'd want to keep the shadowsteps in for the combo part of the deck. Possibly get rid of shiv?
Changing it to an all out spellpower deck and taking out QA and Mana Addict for SI:7 and maybe some more carddraw with loot hoarder or some cheap spellpower with kobold geomancers.

Im still relatively new to the game, and im definitely not well versed in the deckbuilding aspect, but these are just my general thoughts.
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I've tried out a deck and it works when it works, but the you have to put some pressure on the word "when".

What i mean about that is that it isn't any like Warrior OTK, it's the exact opposite. When you're playing a Warrior OTK Deck all he needs to do is get the right cards and be beaten down to 10 HP -- then he can start doing the OTK, but it's different with Rogues.

With a Rogue, you can't take a beating to 10 HP. You're not playing Molten Giants. You're playing Malygos times 2 -- this means END GAME. Your deck needs to be competetive, as well as going for the OTK when at 9 - 10 + rounds. Or to be more exact. You need to be ALIVE and have ONE TURN available after you got all your cards.

I have been swapping out cards the past few hours and i think i've probably got it, almost, but as well as this deck needs to be competetive it also need draws -- badly -- to get the right cards before turn 9 - 10, because that's when you most likely would want to do this combination.

This is my Deck List Setup as it is now:

Backstab x 2 - Great opener, and works well with combinations like; Evisc, Ringleader, etc.
Conceal x 2 - I found that perhaps having two of these would help me mid- game. Might be a bad idea. Maybe i'll swap for something of better value.
Sinister Strike x 2 - The finisher -- wich was 23 dmg flat out hero dmg. Amazing when it works.
Argent Squire x 2 - For that turn one when- no- one's- got- nothing- to- toss- out- minion. Aaaand, it's got a bubble :D
Eviscerate x 2 - Board clearance -- for those big stompy minions you dislike. Situational of course.
Bloodmage Thalnos x 1 - The card reads itself and it works wonders with Rogue Spells.
Defias Ringleader x 2 - For that awesome turn one Coin + Ringleader. Everybody hates that.
Novice Engineer x 2 - Card Draw.
Harvest Golem x 2 - Fanatstic minion trading power. Situational Play.
SI: 7 Agent x 2 - I like that it's a 3/3 minion with a 2 dmg flag battlecry, IF used by a combination.
Tinkmaster Overspark x 1 - What to say, it's fantastic having a 5/5 Devilsaur at turn 3. Or perhaps a 1/1 squirrel / 5/5 Devilsaur instead of that ugly, say, 8/8 Taunt Minion. Anyway, it's in your favor. As long as it is NOT a TAUNT >:(
Dark Iron Dwarf x 2 - Great +2 dmg increase and it's a 4/4 minion as well.
Defender of Argus x 1 - Possible two taunts if played correctly.
Assassinate x 2 - May be overkill with two, might swap one out for Sylvanas, but may be too much.
Azure Drake x 2 - Card Draw and a 4/4 minion WITH spll dmg. Neat.
Faceless Manipulator x 1 - It'll manipulate your face with awesome.
The Black Knight x 1 - THE BEST BUTT SAVING CARD THERE IS. Don't deny it.
Malygos x 1 - The Trump Card. You know the rest.

I'm going to test this further and i will most likely use the Gadgetzan Auctioneer, to see if he does the job. I also tried using Sprint, but alas, i never got the card, so i took it out and swapped it with Draw Card minions instead.

If someone has any thing to address, i'm welcome to try out more over the days to come.
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The spellpower option looks pretty good too, though I'd run Shiv in a spellpower deck. Throw in a geomancer or two too. What about a combo/control deck looking a little like this:

Backstab × 2
Preparation × 1
Conceal × 2
Deadly Poison × 2
Sinister Strike × 2
Blade Flurry × 2
Eviscerate × 2
Novice Engineer × 2
Shiv × 2
Wild Pyromancer × 2
SI:7 Agent × 2
Assassinate × 1
Faceless Manipulator × 2
Gadgetzan Auctioneer × 2
Sylvanas Windrunner × 1
Sunwalker × 2
Malygos × 1

It stalls until the late game with lots of AoE for those pesky 'locks and removal. Though, it relies pretty heavily on the Sunwalkers to carry you to 8-9 mana. Sylvanas is a given. Once you're at 7-8 mana, your auctioneers draw very well.
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Although reaching the 30 DMG OTK Combination is hard, i still find it amusing doing 18 dmg as well. I love this combination. Cmrazor, you are certainly a sneaky one. Read up on my post above yours, i don't think you've seen it since you posted right after mine :P
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You're setup looks really strong. Yeah, I agree there is a bit of a late game draw problem but you've eased it with the drakes.

The Black Knight is a solid pick any day, and it actually creates a bit of redundancy since it deals 4 damage, which is convienent seeing as your combo dishes out 26 damage on the fly. Taunt isn't too much of a big deal since you're going for a massive spell burst to end the game but that 4 damage needs to be done somewhere, by something.

The issue I have with auctioneers is that Rogue low cost removal spells aren't quite as low cost as Warrior ones, which I'm more used to (apart from OP backstab ^^). So I ended up chucking in some less efficient removal, like Shiv and Deadly Poison, to combo with the Gadgetz and draw better.
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Hahah! Yeah, just saw your reply. OTK is the most satisfying way to play because it makes for very tense matches and paramount decision making (compared to pyro'skill' and Murloldecks). The sensation of winning from 'behind' is tremendous!

I've been agonising over this all day! I'm not sure if it's an ultra competitive strategy but I'd be very happy to see if someone could break legendary playing it or get as close to rank 1 as possible (I don't have the cards, nor the time to commit!).
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Going to call it as for today and try again tomorrow -- or later tonight if i'm in the mood for it. I tried going with Cult Master instead of Gadgetzan Auctioneer; as a Rogue we trade minions more often than we use spells. At least i do :P More cards faster that way.
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Very inconsistent deck, having trouble actually getting to late game as a rogue as well
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01/13/2014 09:53 PMPosted by JoshTodd
Very inconsistent deck, having trouble actually getting to late game as a rogue as well
The that is a player issue and not a deck issue. I can manage perfectly fine end game, but my problem is that i tend to not have the right cards at the right given time - but that's okay, i still win.

You're a very inconsistent player.
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It's fine if the deck is inconsistent because decks can be altered to be played at their maximum efficiency, given the limitations of the combo. The concept behind the deck is what's really neat. It's not a BAD combo I don't think, it just sounds like the cards need to be optimised.

Play style has a lot to do with it too.

P.S @JoshTodd: What cards were you running btw?
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CMRazor, I was trying out out the one Nakatar posted but with a few changes (Nat Pagle instead of Black Knight and Leeroy instead of Tinkmaster)
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What do you guys think about Vanish btw?
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im thinking something along these lines

Backstab x2
Preparation x2
Deadly Poison x2
Sinister Strike x2
Blade Flurry x2
Eviscerate x2
Shiv x2
Fan of Knives x2
Perdition's Blade

Edwin VanCleef
SI:7 Agent x2
Bloodmage Thalnos
Kobold Geomancer
Nat Pagle
Faceless Manipulator
Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2

i dont think its a good idea to stick to one combo as u might not draw one or the other
so i put one vancleef for a secondary win condition and headcrack for a consistent damage source inbetween turns
the main drawengine is auctioneer, which i still think is necessary to draw your combo

the board control comes in with double fan and double bladeflurry
one perditions blade seems to be decent for pickoffs and lets u save eviserates for later use

other options to add to the deck are engineers/loot hoarder, azure drake, doomsayer, and pyromancer
its really hard to find space for extra cantrips though...
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Here is my take...I threw this together on a whim but I have actually done quite well with it...still not too sure if it should be taken to ranked though.

backstab X2

Prep X2

Deadly poison X2

Sinister Strike X2


Blade Flurry

Evis X2

Shiv X2

Bloodmage Thalos X2

Kobold Geo X2

Loot Horder

Wild pyro

Fan of knives

Headcrack X2



Azure Drake X2

Facless manipulator

Gad Auctioneer



"But where is the conceal?"

There is none...reason being is that the idea isnt to conceal Maly but play spell the turn you played him.

"But you only have 1 mana!"

That is where prep comes in.

Maly + Prep + Headcrack + Prep + Headcrack = 14 damage in one turn.

If you have any other spell power minions up....which you likely will given the sheer amount in here....then that is even more damage....manage to save a sinister strike? take on another 8 at least.

If you save your evis that is 18 damage.

Play maly and need to clear the board?

Prep + Fan of knives kills just about anything.

prep + Blade flurry for a 6 or 8 damage AoE that his their hero as well.

The idea is to get the hero within kill range....which actually itsnt that far....I routeinly take out targets that have 15 health in one turn.

In fact most of the time if you are agressive enough you wont have to even draw maly, the sheer amount of spell powered up spell will be enough to take them out.

And since a LOT of these cards draw other cards you can keep a decent sized hand, prep + sprint is an early refresher in a pinch.

I threw Van in because most of these low cost spell really do well when topped off with a van on the board. it baits removals that would otherwise be used on Maly.

Same goes for faceless, if maly survives clone him FTW. Heck clone a kobold if needed.......that is 6 damage alone (headcrack + kobold attack).

Like I said I just tossed this on a whim..but it seems to be working out quite well.
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Would a turn 10 malygos + coin + double prep + double eviscerate + double sinister for a total of 34 damage be viable? (no coin/turn 9 results in one less sinister for 26 damage)

I mean, could a rogue deck be able to survive till round 10 and have all the cards he needs? That's a total of 8 cards you are holding...
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looks cool but how are you going to stay alive untill T9?
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I mean you can already do 26 damage in one turn with maly, on the turn you summon him! This just seems like a bit of overkill. But yeah good idea and I think it would be funny to do this in a game
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