What if cards like Succubus did this instead.

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What if Soulfire, Succubus, and Doomguard locked your cards for a certain number of turns instead of outright discarding them?

Say Succubus's effect was instead Battlecry: Lock two random cards for two turns. This would cause you to lose the ability to use cards but it would only be temporary. Further, by having it so you have dead cards in your hand, you still hold the risk of losing cards if your hand gets too full, especially if you're using Life Tap a lot without playing anything.

What are your thoughts?
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Or you could chose what to discard. The RNG can flatout lose you games. I can't even count how many times the one card of my 6-8 hand of cards was discarded i actually needed .
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As for Succubus, I'd rather it just made another random card in your hand cost 2 or 3 more. She's too easily removed for a straight-up discard.
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The discard on Succubus is high risk, high reward. Having a creature that's 1 mana up on the curve is very powerful.

I don't think it will ever be made a choice to discard because the theme of Hearthstone seems to be simplicity. Simply put (haha), it's easier to make a lot of mechanics random, rather than choice, because it places less mental stress on the player, allows for a lower skill level of entry (ie; for people who have never played card games such as Magic/Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokemon/Duel Masters), and arguably makes the game more fun (especially for people who like gambling and rolling dice and so on).

Furthermore, I'm not sure on the flavour of the warlock class (as per in other Blizzard games), but I somewhat doubt that "locking" a card, whilst a good suggestion, would be in character with what the warlock as a whole does/aims to do.
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There is no "high reward" with the succubus, because she is a 4/3, which means pretty much every commonly run 2 mana drop can remove her.

In regards to Flavour, it seems that several of our cards do something their WoW or WC3 counterparts don't, or have been straight out switched, like the charge on the Doomguard instead of the Felguard, so it doesn't really seem like the Devs are very interested in keeping any kind of flavour in the first place, and just put the thing they want on them.
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