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01/27/2014 05:35 PMPosted by Aratil

Quest cancellation has now been re-enabled for the European region also.

I just started Hearthstone after a day of not playing and found 2 quests as I should. However, when I mulliganed one of the quests I could no longer mulligan the other quest. Shouldn't I be able to mulligan both quests? If I remember correctly I could before all these quest problems began.
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I just tried to mulligan a quest and nothing happened. The X that I click on didn't disappear. But when I close the window and reopen it the X is gone, as if the same quest was the result of the mulligan.
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I ran into a player who has been able to get around the time limit per turn, and wont let me win, i wasn't lagging since i was able to chat with my friends on my real I.D. Hope this issue is addressed soon, no one likes a griefer.
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the server came back online and i joined a game when i looked at my hand i saw the craziest thing i ever saw on this game

I lose because of this and i wanna know if it is a bug, a hack, a ninja nerf?

Sorry for my bad english
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Hi blizzard,

First of all great game!! 2nd to help you i got alot of random disconnet? Its not my internet. Got alot of trouble with this?

Also made a website for this great game:
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Text block inc, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Hello Blizzard Community,

Just tossing in my 2 coins about the Hearthstone Beta with some notes that I took while playing.
Foremost: I am no fan boy but; Many things about Hearthstone are steps in the right direction for more than just blizzard, but for the gaming model in general. The perfect goal of providing a fun, rewarding, and in-depth play experience that can be enjoyed by anyone; anyway they want to enjoy it. You’ve done well, Blizzard.

Core Issues:
I am of course frequently having the two known issues of minions and cards shuffling around and not animating properly. Playing slightly slower does help, but this conflicts harshly with timed turns (as they should be). As for the lagging, this is rarely noticed by me while playing however, people watching me play say that is very prevalent and distracting, despite zoning into the play I have admittedly been caused some pretty harsh errors by thinking “too long” and then not having enough time for my lagging cards to do their thing before the buzzer.

More balance in the arena; most notably class selection and RNG of card choices. I know were here to gamble but, the odds are a little disparaging. In relation: MTG has only 3 packs to open, whereas here we are essentially opening 30; some restriction on the variability needs to be placed.

The screen bumps in and out after animations from many major spells (ie blizzard), this is hard on the eyes and does little to increase the wow factor of the animation. On occasion I have also been left ‘resolution bumped’ after one of these spells is cast, causing me to either view the board from much further away or to have skewed vision for the rest of the game in some other way.

We can only make/retain 9 decks at a time?! 45 is a bit more reasonable; an agro, a midrange, and a control deck for each class is the minimum I would like to have on hand and this doesn’t include room for tester deck slots. My girlfriend and siblings like to make random decks too. 30 would be the bare minimum number of deck slots, although as a customer, there should be no restriction at all. In the general big picture; the more flexibility we have to play, the more individual creativity will shine and be encouraged over things such as net decking or weaker players being confined to ai play.

Some cards and actions do not function as one would think, for example the Priest card Mind Games, puts a creature from the opponents deck into play; this should trigger battlecry effects but it does not. This result however is correct for say, faceless manipulator as the card is not technically coming into play. Fine tuning and harmonizing of these interactions and mechanics will go a very long way in preventing player frustration and card balancing issues.

When you eventually release new cards or expansions; please make sure to listen to the community and watch the data of people’s card collections, meta-games, and population, etc. Properly time a new release when it will be well received by the community; rather than have it be the quarterly MTG money grab, or simply being released whenever other blizzard game expansions are on revenue cooldown.

Would really like to see in the final release:
A robust and polished chat system. In game, we should be able to chat seamlessly with friends and opponents while playing – not being able to interact with your opponent is cold and boring. I like the ability to pop up a friend’s dialogue, but it would also be nice to have the option to centralize the chats similar to the wow chat pane. For the record, SC2 and D3 chat systems are far from friendly but the current HS chat is defiantly a step in the right direction.

We should be able to talk to friends directly from the bnet launcher app – It’s nice to find out who's in the mood to play what before we have to load up a game to talk to someone about which game to load up.

Tooltips and hints updated/clarified, (ie the main menu arena tool tip is slightly lacking); also please, please, PLEASE; remove gender terms such as him/her and use the word ‘their’. I saw one (a him) in the loading menus and it brought a small tear to my eye; MTG is terrible for doing this and it’s a huge pet peeve for me as well as many other CCG players.

Shiny cards are very cool, but it would be nice to see a flashier or more robust animation when casting/using them as well. Personally I’ll be disenchanting almost every shiny card I get for the extra dust, but it would be really rewarding to see all the same and may drive collection a bit more.

Some consistency or choice in the daily quests, or at least in their rewards; I hate waking up to a 40g quest that requires me to kill minions (I play to win and can easily go 10+ games without killing the 40 minions – personal preference aside, booby prize quests don’t really promote fun and competitive gameplay. A selection of a 40, 60, or 100g quest would be nice, and allow the player to define how long or hard they want to play each day for their quest. Ie new players can pick the minion quest and get some easy coins even without winning, while the harder core gamer can choose the 100g quest that will take them comparably longer and be tougher to complete. The quests themselves however, are relatively on par for where they one would expect them to be in terms of difficulty vs reward coins for time spent.

Cross platforms with PS an Xbox (and Nintendo while you’re at it ); mobile, pc, and mac were great starts but uh yea, cross all platforms at the same time please and thank you!

Neat Ideas:
It would be nice to have the minions and players actions fully animated and do things other than be ovals that slap each other around. I do recognize the conflict with memory size and time based turns however.

It would be nice if you played around with the game modes and styles a bit. Explored different sized deck categories, two/three headed giant, FFA matches, etc. I’d put this comment in the ‘like to see for final release’ but I have to leave you somewhere to go for expansion content 

Please feel free to contact me directly to hear more or to explore any of these notes further.

Sincerest Regards and Thanks,

Reid Mayhew ~ WoCMayhem
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I've had the bug where when summoning a card/attacking in arena a card I queued up ends up floating in the air with nothing else happening while me and my opponent emote back and forth helplessly.

Also, on the board with the garden in the bottom right, if you click the dirt right after (like, spam click) you click to start the water the water will run endlessly and nothing will regrow. I kinda like this, so you don't have to patch it, but I just figured you should be aware. (:
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Hi Blizz Developers.

I would like to throw out a suggestion that may enhance game play. First i would like to preface that i used to play WoW religiously and now i play online TCGs. One of the things i have noticed is that in WoW dungeons / raids and some TCGs that the minions (trash mobs) would have to be destroyed before taking out the boss. I think implementing this concept would enhance game play. I have only been playing Hearthstone for a week, so far as i can tell, the only way to mitigate direct damage from a minion is to have a minion that has taunt..

Maybe in future releases, you could also add Class tree spells that certain hero types can benefit from: Example -- Warlocks Hero:
Affliction: Damage Overtime spells cost 1/2
Destro: Fire damage spells cost 1/2
Demon: Cost to summon demon is 1/2
They all can use the Warlock spells but they may not benefit from all the cards given their Class tree.
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I've been playing the beta for a couple weeks now. I'm sure these issues have all been noted but I'm posting them here for reinforcement:

-Fortunately I was playing against the AI, because after drawing my hand went silly as seen below, and I could only play two of the four cards in my hand:

-I have also seen a number of instances where a minion is not in line with the others on the board.
-I was playing an opponent who buffed a minion to 12/12. I attacked with two 6 attack creatures and it had one health after the second attack. There were no effects that should have prevented any damage.
-I had an opponent at 10 health with two Starfalls in my hand plus an innervate, and 10 mana. I used Innervate first, which apparently doesn't allow going over 10 mana. I lost the game because I wasted the Innervate. Now I know the proper ordering to do it, but if Innervate cannot boost past 10 it should say so. I'm assuming same with the coin.
-I was playing an opponent with a 1 base health creature, buffed to 2 by a Stormwind Champion. The minion then took a point of damage, reducing its buffed health to one. I killed the Champion but the minion did not die. Once the buff goes away, its health should be zero, not stay at one.
-Another issue with Stormwind Champion in which I cast mass dispel and it didn't remove the buff from all minions.

Overall not bad for a beta, but there are still a few bugs floating around.
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01/20/2014 12:58 PMPosted by theblade1959
Perhaps this is related, although I can find no mention of this anywhere.

I have 3 quests (worth 40 G each) to win two battles against X or Y class. I am not getting credit for the wins. I've won several games that I know were qualifying classes, but have not received any quest credit (or gold). And, no, I'm not playing in practice mode. :)

Not sure if troll or if im reading incorrectly,

Are you sure its against and not "Win With"
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I think my quest re roll is having issues, unless it takes a while for a new quest to be issued. I clicked the red X at the top right of the quest, and it is still there and I am still completing it by winning games.
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The daily quests are not showing up for me. I didn't get a new quest today. Well, I did play for a long time last night but I don't think that should affect the appearances of quests though.
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not sticky anymore??

it's happening guise
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01/27/2014 01:54 PMPosted by Aratil
01/27/2014 01:52 PMPosted by Aratil
We have re-enabled the ability to cancel quests, along with a fix that we believe addresses the issue where a new quest would not replace a cancelled quest. If you continue to experience issues with quests, please let us know here on the forums.

This has not been re-enabled for the European region yet. Another update will be provided when the fix is issued for the European region.

what about the Asian server... its been 4 months since this post and i still don't see the option to abandon quests in only the Asian server only.... is it just me?
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<span class="truncated">...</span>

This has not been re-enabled for the European region yet. Another update will be provided when the fix is issued for the European region.

what about the Asian server... its been 4 months since this post and i still don't see the option to abandon quests in only the Asian server only.... is it just me?

Reported you; stop necroing useless threads. And no one cares about your issue.
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