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This has happened a few times for me now (playing Shaman both times), but when I have one card and draw another on the start of my turn, they overlap. Seems to have happened more often since the patch.
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i am playing on the mac client, during my enemies turn i waited for him to make his move yet he didn't. there was no timer and i saw him doing no active moves. I sat idle waiting and could actively emote, review my cards and review the previous moves that were made. My internet connection was completely fine and i could browse the internet while waiting for what i assume was a just a timer bug that the opponent had somehow exploited. Before my eyes i watched my next 4 turns get skipped and watched my opponent make his moves to defeat me.
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The ability to cancel quests has been temporarily disabled while we continue to investigate the issue involving quests.
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ty will i get my 3 days of quest back
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Hi, I have encountered an issue while play hunter in arena yesterday.

The scenario was as followed

I played starving buzzard and then unleash the hound. Opponent had 3 minions on table. So 3 hounds on table and allowed me to draw 3 cards one by one. My cards on hand now was 9. I thought for a while and then used my 3 hounds to hit his minions and died. My purpose is to play another unleash the hound card immediately again.

Here's where the issue came. When I used my mana turn card and then unleash the hound (cards on hand now became 7), the timer rope came out. The second Unleash the hound card has been thrown out. No effect. I just merely watched the timer rope burned till finish. The second unleash the hound card has been registered on the side of cards played. No other effect. No additional drawing of cards, no hounds appeared. On my table left only starving buzzard n opponent's 3 minions.

We continued to play and luckily I did mange to win the game after all. Internet connection was fine.

Blizz, do you wish to simulate by yourself, the playing of unleash the hound cards twice in the same turn and see if there's an issue. Thanks.
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Yday i abandoned my quest , didn;t get new, today 0 quest!

Thank you blizzard
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I did not receive a qust today at all. Thats now the second day. Thats unfun :(
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01/19/2014 11:21 PMPosted by Alperon
I did not receive a qust today at all. Thats now the second day. Thats unfun :(

If you did not cancel a quest but just did not receive one in the first place you can try restarting the game. Just close and restart the game for a few times.
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01/19/2014 05:55 PMPosted by Ripper
ty will i get my 3 days of quest back

did you seriously keep cancelling even the 3rd quest after if had already failed 2 days in a row???

We are all getting so many more free daily quests than the non-beta players will get, so I see no need for compensation, if they give us any extra quests just to keep people happy they should give the same to non-beta players once they join too.
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Well, i took some screenshots from some of the issues i encountered while playing the game a while ago, most of them occurred while in the arena, here are they with a description of the issue so you may add them to the list of the game's issues:

In this screenshot, and every time i play with a hunter, once the hunter plays a secret while i have 'Counterspell' that secret card gets stuck on the screen for the rest of the game as shown in the screenshot.

In this screenshot, the hunter killed a minion of mine with deathrattle of taking control of a random enemy minion, so i got control over his 'Starving Buzzard' and i tried to attack him with it, but he had the secret 'Freezing Trap' so the card was supposed to get back in my hand and cost 2 extra, instead the card got stuck on the board as shown in the screenshot till the end of the game, not selectable and unplayable.

In this one, the priest kept using the 'Youthful Brewmaster' to return his cards to his hand, and every returning card kept getting stuck on the board as shown.

Here, the druid played a minion with either choosing +2 health and taunt or charge, he chose charge and yet the 'Zzzz' appeared on top of the minion (even the he did attack) and it remained even after the minion was killed, till the end of the game.

That 'Ironbeak Awl' kept floating like that until he attacked with it.

In this one, sometimes i open the game to find the text in the tool tip windows looks like this, closing the game and opening it again fix this problem.
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Seems like new quests aren't happening... ? 2 days in a row, multiple people can confirm.
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I clicked end turn on my first go, before i was given a new card, resulting in my game being unresponsive
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same results today
logged in - no new quest
played against the computer in practice - no new quest after game
played a ranked game - after the game the new quest showed up

so far looks to be a workaround to get my daily quests, for me at least..
hope it works for others as well.
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I didn't receive a quest today and that's a first one for me. Please fix.
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second day without a daily quest now, any news about that?
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No quests for two days now. Whats going on?
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dailys stacked when i didnt do one the day before, had two dailies. need to relog after play mode to play with freinds. at random some cards in hand visually duplicate them self n cover just drawn card.
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01/19/2014 04:49 PMPosted by Aratil
The ability to cancel quests has been temporarily disabled while we continue to investigate the issue involving quests.

Looks like Blizzard disabled the ability TO GET ANY QUESTS AT ALL ! Along with the quest cancel ... I´m wondering who´s the programming team leader on Hearthstone ... they patch one thing ... another one just blows up in the air out of thin air for no reason at all ... I can´t really understand how that can happen to a company like Blizzard. Seriously.

EDIT: Temporary solution found by "dani" in this post: ... apparently all that takes for new quest to appear is win 1 ranked game. HOW ON EARTH did Hearthstone coding change in a way that it doesn´t trigger at log on ? OMG ...
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