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Here is my version of the Aggro Mage post update:

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Perhaps this is related, although I can find no mention of this anywhere.

I have 3 quests (worth 40 G each) to win two battles against X or Y class. I am not getting credit for the wins. I've won several games that I know were qualifying classes, but have not received any quest credit (or gold). And, no, I'm not playing in practice mode. :)
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UPDATE: When I logged in, I received no new quest. I played a quick game and received one right after.
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can anyone tell me why the shop isnt working??
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As no one seems to have mentioned this, I'll post it here on the off chance that it has some kind of significance that may lead to resolving the matter.

Today I logged in and received no daily quest. The screen informing me of card changes neither popped up.

Because some people mentioned relogging might help, I tried that. Upon my second login I got the daily quest. After the daily quest I now also got the screen informing me of the cards changed by the latest patch.

Can anyone confirm that it happens this way to them aswel?

Perhaps the two are somehow linked?
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I got no quest at all today. What is going on?
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01/20/2014 12:21 AMPosted by tsu
I did not receive a qust today at all. Thats now the second day. Thats unfun :(

If you did not cancel a quest but just did not receive one in the first place you can try restarting the game. Just close and restart the game for a few times.

Thank you, this worked for me.

You can also try playing a match - I've had it happen where I got no daily, then played a match and it popped up (no, not another quest, just the regular daily)
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Thanks, this somewhat explains a more specific issue I was having.
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Im not sure if anyone mentioned this, but whenever a card is returned to the owner's hand, instead of going back it turns over and floats over the board (at least to the opponent that's what it looks like) I'm not sure if that's just me, or if other people have this problem. also, with cards that create two characters like silverhand night or dragonling mechanic, the second created creature keeps moving around the board. Other than that, I love the game.
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this is worst patch. and its downgrade. the game wont release anytime soon. so they just gonna give keys to everyone (press button "need key" and insta get one). and sit in beta status. because in beta status they still want our money, but they dont want to have responsibility. i bet we dont get any gold, or gift for all this retarded trouble. like every other normal company do. lets face it. in beta test we need test the game. but they opened shop and asked to test this game with our money. so basicly game is on full payed run.

PS: i dont mention their way of balancing gimped classes (like hunter). so newbish balance desision to just buff UTH to OP status... to not rebalance full hero. jesus... its gonna be like world of warcraft balancing. month of hunters, then month of rogues etc. like always blizzard do. buff 1 class for 1 month (OP status), then nerf it to the ground and buff another one and repeat :D
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01/20/2014 11:32 AMPosted by ZeratulARG
HOW ON EARTH did Hearthstone coding change in a way that it doesn´t trigger at log on ? OMG ...

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99 little bugs in the code
99 bugs in the code
Patch one down, compile them around
117 bugs in the code
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Not sure if this has happened to others already but it's a little hard to go through 9 pages of stuff just to look, so here goes. When I was playing a practice mode, I had several cards that glitched out and stacked on top of each other, and I was unable to cast the one I wanted for it was visibly under another one. I tried everything I could moving my mouse around and just seeing if it was a visible error but that did not seem to be the case. So far that is the only bug I found, and it only happened that once, that is, for me.
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01/21/2014 02:41 AMPosted by Wulfgar
HOW ON EARTH did Hearthstone coding change in a way that it doesn´t trigger at log on ? OMG ...

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99 little bugs in the code
99 bugs in the code
Patch one down, compile them around
117 bugs in the code


btw... still off? for some reason I cant login
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When it comes full version,
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I've tried re-logging AND playing ranked matches, still have 3 days of quests that refuse to appear...
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We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, January 21st, at 3:00 a.m. PST and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST. and the maintenance still isn't open beta now?
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I did not get a quest when I logged in today (1/21/14) either ...
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I haven't gotten any new quests since having the quest replacement bug happen to me.
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