Super-aggro hunter deck

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Hey guys

Firstly I want to say I am far from being a great player but I made a deck which is working for me pretty well so I want to share it with you. I did with it 25 to 9 in basically a day and I dont feel I hit the wall yet.

There are 3 huge positives of this deck - I'm free player, I bought only arena to get golden Gelbin, deck is mostly filled with basic cards. So its cheap. I crafted Leeroy yesterday but if you dont have him 2nd Reckless Rocketeer can do the job. 2nd good thing is that deck heavily counters locks and there are loads of locks outta there.However you might have some problems with shaman and druid taunts (but druids are pretty weak against early aggression which is + for you) and good priests. And third - its great fun.

Gameplay is quite simple - charge and heropower to slap face of your opponent, Abom and traps are doing their job and clearing board effectively - plus I managed to score many kills with them. Theres not a better feeling than missdirect giant right into warlocks face:-) Keep Owl+Kill Command for 5dmg burst and silencing opponents tank to finish him with your big charge.

If you want to check gameplay Im on twitch -
Good luck and have fun
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atleast give credit to the owner.
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Thats right, I have actually used another deck of that guy as a baseline, sorry for not mentioning it
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01/17/2014 03:30 AMPosted by fkdn

atleast give credit to the owner.

Even though he did admit to using that deck as a baseline, there is NO ORIGINAL OWNER.

The guy who published that deck a month ago is just some guy who published a rush hunter deck a month ago. I ran a rush hunter deck 2 months ago as a very similar list, but I'm not original in any way.

mindtrixx has no obligation to that reddit post. I've posted decks and been accused of "copying this guy from reddit" because I used a Malygos & moonfire deck that I created on my own and posted up. A complete creation of my own without any baseline.

There's a limited number of cards in the game. At least mindtrixx is contributing to the forums.
Edited by Paul on 1/17/2014 4:38 AM PST
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Thanks Paul. Fkdn is right, I should mention name of guy which did that post. I got inspired by it but I made my days after without having that source by hand.

Comparing those 2 mine is using a bit different strategy (owls for added command dmg and silencing taunts and juggler for early board advantage are main differences)

Anyway, I feel people are very negative about hunters performance so I wanted to share deck which works for me well. Whichever hunter aggro deck you will use hope you will have fun and success
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what level are you buddy?
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is this on NA server? i feel like i could maybe get to rank 18 or so on eu with this deck
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Get with the times brother, aggro-face-rush is so early March. It's all about cycling now.
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