Wasn't quite sure where this went. Seeing as how this is more of a performance issue rather than a mechanical one and how I seem to be the only one experiencing this, I don't think it quite qualifies as a bug. Obviously, I'm running on a macintosh, if that's at all relevant.

During online play, (And only during online play. This issue does not arise when in practice mode or in any other interface), I get these random, sudden, massive framerate drops that linger for a while and then clear up, making the game rather unplayable when they do. It's quite irritating, but mostly distracting.

The issue doesn't seem to have anything to do with hardware requirements or specifications of my mac. These drops aren't seemingly trigged by anything, like moments of graphic intensity, but rather completely random. Outside of these moments, the game runs smoothly and flawlessly.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anybody have a solution? I understand these things are to be expected in beta, but I seem to be the only one experiencing this.