Legendary-Rank Deck: Only 2 Legendaries

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You may be familiar with my previous deck from last ladder which I placed #89 on the final standings in legendary: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/topic/10973087524

*Note that the title of this thread isn't fully self-explanatory (limited character number). I'm taking this deck to legendary alongside a couple other of my builds.

I have a number of decks which I'm playing right now, but the metagame changed quite a bit with the newest patch & I wanted to start fresh with something that works well. By "fresh", I mean really fresh! I went ahead and built a deck that feels like an arena deck on steroids. Sound odd? It is. It took me from rank 8 to rank 5 quickly, and I'm still playing it right now. I'll be streaming later tonight (it's 5:30PM as I type this right now, I'll be on around 7:30-8:00PM Pacific Time on my Twitch channel /PaulWog).

The deck is going to undergo some changes as I play through the ladder. The metagame shifts throughout the day every day, and so I change my decks rapidly. Currently the deck is in its vanilla form and it's working quite well. The deck isn't entirely easy to play: You need to know what your opponent is capable of. You need to know when to really hold back, or to go all-in. Sometimes going all-in means you'll lose to a board wipe, but not going all-in means you'll lose no matter what; it's difficult to discern when that's the case.

Here's the deck:

2x Innervate
2x Argent Squire
2x Elven Archer
2x Power of the Wild
2x Wrath
2x Faerie Dragon
2x Knife Juggler
1x Loot Hoarder
1x Nat Pagle
2x Savage Roar
2x Harvest Golem
2x Imp Master
2x Soul of the Forest
2x Cult Master
2x Keeper of the Grove
1x Nourish
1x Cenarius

Cards that I may remove from the deck, but also might stay:
Cenarius, Loot Hoarder

Cards that I would like to add to the deck:
Second Nourish, Deathwing OR Ysera

How does the deck work? You have to play extremely careful for starters. If you get the coin, don't pump out your creatures immediately unless if you're absolutely certain you want to do that. I almost always save the coin to get soul of the forest or cultmaster out on a turn which I have 2-3 creatures in play already. I almost always prioritize board stabilization before I prioritize damage output or anything else. The deck stabilizes itself if you play well.

Why do I not play cards like big game hunter, ragnaros, or tinkmaster overspark? Easy answer: Because I don't need to. Big creatures go down easily if you play the deck correctly. With that said, I want to have a larger sample-size of games to make sure the deck plays out correctly. As I mentioned above, the deck is in its vanilla-state. By that, I mean that the deck hasn't been modified in a way that goes against its own flow in order to throw a wrench in my opponent's plays. Big Game Hunter is a card worth considering and it's on the top of my maybe-list.

Why would I want to remove Cenarius? I don't particularly want to remove him, he's just under consideration currently. He's a dead card early-on, but he's great most of the time. I use both of his abilities equally as much. Loot Hoarder isn't something I particularly want to remove either; I'm just viewing how the deck draws and seeing if it needs that 2-drop, or if Nourish can take its place.

Why would I want to add Deathwing or Ysera? Ysera is rather obvious: It's a late-game card. If the deck peters out and the opponent is also in a slow position, it's a good card to drop on the field. With that said, Ysera doesn't act immediately, and this deck is about keeping the opponent in a reactive state. Deathwing looks like a promising card that may work well in the deck, but I'm simply looking at when I draw Cenarius and seeing what games I would've very much liked to see Deathwing on the field. How can Deathwing work? Well, if I have Soul of the Forest out on a large number of creatures, there's a combo right there. He's also excellent against giants decks if the game goes on long, and other decks that don't have too many kill spells especially into the late game. It's just a thought anyway at the moment: It's not something people expect.

Why do I not run late-game cards like 7-drop trees and other good stuff that seems to work alongside the deck? The reason is because I want every card to be accessible to play within the first few turns. If I draw 2 big drops early in the game it's game over. The deck works because it flows well. That's why the deck has to really limit itself on large drops. It's safe to have one Cenarius, or one Deathwing, or one of something, but that's it; even then, it may be more beneficial to simply not use any of those altogether. That's all to be determined in the testing phase.

Board wipes: These are tricky. You need to play your hand out carefully. This is why you have to prioritize board stabilization first and foremost, then your hand size, and then damage output third. If you have a bunch of creatures and can deal 25 damage to an opponent who has 27 life, don't necessarily go for it. Clear out their board entirely, draw up if you can (Cultist), and then get ready to win on the following turns. This deck can play board wipes against the opponent by forcing them to waste a turn of mana to wipe your field, which you simply follow up against with another full field. This takes forethought, intuition, luck, and strategy. I want a second Nourish in the deck to further improve such situations and likely by the end of the night I'll have determined how I'm doing that.
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Wow! Cool, very fresh deck indeed. Did you make this deck out of necessity to deal with the current meta? Or just because you were bored with other more traditional druid decks? Do you feel this deck is better then a more traditional late game Druid deck in the current meta or just something to spice it up a bit?
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I actually made this deck because the meta shifted and has allowed the deck to come into existence. It's a slightly slower rush-feel deck that has a higher burst-rate damage mid & late game. That means that the deck isn't good against other rush decks.

This deck holds up well if you draw correctly, which happens more often than not. However, there are those frustrating games that you just can't do anything (as with any deck). The fact that the deck has helped me climb so far and is still helping me climb is a testament to the fact that it does work.

With that all said, I do want to make some tweaks to this deck. That's what I'm doing tonight: Playing a larger sample-size of games, climbing a couple more levels (hopefully to rank 3 tonight), and then analysing what should come into the deck to better match the metagame.
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double post woops*
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This deck looks really unreliable. You are relying on soul of the forest or cenarious to be your finisher and all I see is a ton of card draw with very few reliable minions. Any control deck or Aoe spells look like they could destroy this :/
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What exactly is your playstyle with this? I have tried three games and all of them were losses. Seems all my enemies did was wait. If I play low minions they would wipe them with CL, Nova, etc. If I wait, they play big minions which I lack lategame. Any advice?
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Nice build. I'm running something similar cause I wanted to grind to 60 with quick games either win or loose.

In my list I use Scarlet Crusader to go with theme of going 2 for 1 to keep board advantage for Roar and I have an Arcane Golum and Leeroy instead of your end game cards ie Cenerius and Ysera.

Overall it did its job by catching the opponent by surprise and with only 3 guys on the field playing roar would mean half their life.

Your board control is more stable so I adjusted the cards to fit your style but kept Arcane and Leeroy and it works like a charm. Card draw is their with Cult Master and you can survive AoE with Soul which I didnt use in my variant. Played 10 games last night with your build and went 8-2 and won some games with only 2 1 drops out on turn 8 but it was enough. Also one game I was demolished, I could keep nothing on the board and it was a brutal game but thankfully it doesnt happen often.

Best game was turn 5 roar against Palil with 2 Imp masters in play with 6 guys on field. Much damage before any AOEs could be pulled off trading with my shielded minions and Archer the first 2 rounds with his tokens to maintain board control. It was glorious!

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the in input captaincarl. I do like the aggressive charge addition to the deck and I'll check that out. I am apprehensive about scarlet crusader but I do like the idea and I won't rule her out as a possible card.

The deck is definitely glorious when it goes off perfectly! :-). I've had some pretty funny finishers. I think the most fun is when I get double roar off with three creatures in play.

To those above who are criticizing the deck without any actual knowledge about it, I recommend you reserve your criticisms until you can provide a more informed opinion. I've already streamed with the deck, and I've already played the deck at high tiered match ups with a good win ratio. The deck has already proven itself to work quite well. Do note that captaincarl's tweaks may improve the deck significantly... I'm looking forward to trying that out when I get home.

To those who have played the deck and are still having issues: I recommend you watch me stream the deck (I don't know how to do vods yet but I'll try to record and upload). It's not 100 percent straight forward. With more aggressive charge minions it may become just slightly more forward playing though, which means choices would become slightly easier in my opinion.
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the deck lists & write-ups (this one & the previous). I was working on a similar design, I'd like to recommend Young Priestess, I prefer it to the Squire vs. everything but Rogue, although you have to play it carefully/escort it/not blindly play it turn 1 vs. Mage/Druid.

Otherwise, I've also had strong success with Acolyte of Pain but that's probably because I don't have a Nat Pagle.

Question - why the Nourish? It seems very off tempo for the deck.

@CptnCarl: Looking forward to trying your aggro charge top end. I'd been running 1 Cenarius & 1 Ragnarok.
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Hey Paul. Thanks for the deck! I really like it and it's pretty fun. I've tried some minor changes and put the Force of nature in. I found it really well synergizing with this deck - card drawing from Cult master, bonus damage from Juggler or Savage or just keeping the teants using Soul of the forest.

What's your opinion on that? Have you tried putting in FoN or it doesn't go well with you playstyle.
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Hi there,

I think this deck is pretty fun. I played it the last few days and I liked it. Unfortunately I don't have either pagle nor Cenarius. Any thoughts on replacements? The only legendary I have at the moment is sylvanas, but i dont think she fits there. Are there any valuable non legendary replacements?

looking forward to ur VODs because i cant watch the stream due to European time zone.
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So I spent a majority of my free time Saturday grinding levels with my Druid and I used 2 versions of the build.

I used Paul's but I did not have Pat Nagle, Cenarius and Nourish so I subbed in a second Loot Hoarder, TinkMaster and Ysera.

Overall my results were not as good as my initial 8-2 run but was still favorable. I would say I was close to a 70% win rate as I took most of my opponents by surprise but I guess many others have been using your deck Paul or something similar that I could feel my opponents playing card out quicker to stop my initial rush.

The second version I used was the charge variant in which I used Arcane Golum, Leeroy Jenkins, Scarlet Crusader and Claw instead of Pat Nagle, Nourish, Cenarius and Loot Hoarder.

As you noticed I did not use Nourish in any of my games this weekend and during some games I wish I had the 1 in my deck. It also helps to use those late game Innervates which you may have sitting in your hand sometimes.

A few observations:

- It was always better to go first. You have one more turn to avoid that turn 4-7 AOE depending on what class you are facing. Many time they coin out a low drop early on since you are playing druid they expect late game control....this was in your favor as they usually didnt coin out their AOE a turn early or some even coined out Wild Pyromancer thinking it would be a dead card late game.

- On turn 4 if you have the option of playing another minion for more pressure or playing Soul, it would be in your best interest to play Soul. You basically cancel their AOE and they skip their turn and if they do not AOE you go to the face pretty hard. If you suspect they are about to AOE clear their board with your guys and you will usually be left with 2-3 minions. They will AOE clear board but they will not have minions either. Like Paul said its tricky and a guessing game with most of the time you being able to push damage through.

- To keep in the same vein in regards to AOE if you have 2 guys out and one has shield or harvest golum its best to trade the minon without shield and keep the other. You will pushout less damage early on but you will still have a minon or 2 after their AOE so overall you will average out same damage but you will still have a minion in the field. Also all you need is 2-3 guys and yoiu can do plenty of harm with Roar.

- When playing against Shaman or Rogue I have Roared on turn 3-4 to get that damage in since they usually do not have any heals. Save your Grove against their taunts to push in last turn damage. Speaking of Grove it should be kept as a reactionary card. Meaning if they play a Taunt or some minion with crazy power like Abom you have answers for them. I ran a Tink Master using it as a third Grove to deal with the same situations.

- Their were time when I needed a few more card draws so I would play Cult Master then trade 1-2 of my guys and the rest for the face. The combo with Soul nets you a 2 drop as well as a card is invaluable against other rush decks.

- If you can Power of the Wild on turn 3-4 with a Fairie Dragon out do it. It will survive AOE and inflict much damage while the rest of your minions can suicide against whatever they drop. One of my fastest games was coin Fairie Dragon, turn 2 Fairie Dragon, turn 3 Power to the face. The Mage conceeded soon after that.

- One of the toughest matchups is against Warrior. Since this deck does not run Claw you only have Wraths as hard removal. When they bring out an Amani Berserker and A Wargon against your Squire/Archer and Imp Master they will clear your board over and over. Then weaponsmith comes into play giving him a weapon and its GG.

- Having 2-3 guys on the filed and then playing Arcane Golum or Leeroy plus Roar is GG 99% of the time. That 1% is when I didnt calculate the math cause I am good like that and I leave the opponend at 1-2 life and I hit emote "that was a mistake" then proceed to get beaten the next turn can be attributed to laziness or lack of sleep after overgaming. At that point it's good to grab a drink or snack haha.

I am sure there are other things I took note of but just cant remember them right now.

The following morning I did one Arena run and luckily Druid was a selectable character so I could level him up somemore. I ended up with 3 Sunwalkers and my MVP card was Mark of Nature which I had 2 of. This provided late game Taunt and HP bonus which allowed me to survive a turn or 2 more in close games which most are. That being said the pack I won in Arena yielded a Golden Sylvanus! w00t! So I DEed my regular Sylvanas and crafted a Pat Nagle. I was tentative about crafting this Legendary but after the Engineer nerf it will go into all my decks instead of them so is now worth it.

I still didn't have a Nourish but I decided to stick with Paul's variant and play while watching some good ol' NFL action. I did not grind as much as I did the day before but I still hit a decent win % against most decks and I actually had some players friend request me and after I accepted they mentioned that I was playing an unusual Druid deck and they wanted a bit more information on it so I refered them to your thread Paul. They are good guys and ranked well, one of them being rank 4.

I will continue the grind and next weekend I am going to put both aspects of the decks together and try it out. I will remove the Loot Hoarder and Archers and run Arcane Golum, Leeroy and Ysera. I feel that the 1 drops besides Squire are more of a liability then an asset due to many Hero powers being able to hand them since they only have 1 hp so I am taking them out for now. Lastly I will put in one nourish if I manage to pull one this week if not I'll most likely craft one after opening a few packs.

I look forward to the evolution of the deck and I'll provide more input after I try the hybrid charge with Ysera or Cenarius (I still need to pull Cenarius, he's a bit shy but perhaps a good win percentage will coax him out of one of the packs).


EDIT: I played so much I went from lvl 37 to 43 I believe. Hope to reach 50 in the next week or 2.
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im not gonna say its bad cuz i didnt give it a fair chance, maybe not my style or luck. but i just dropped 3 ranks trying it :(
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Played 10 games tonight and I went 50/50. Win 2 games lose 2 then back and forth. Ran into a lot of aggro decks a couldn't keep board to play soul or roar efficiently. Also since hounds are still floating around plenty of decks are running shieldmasta which stalls the deck out when multiples drop.

I still enjoy playing the deck but its getting harder to squeeze out those wins. But when you get that GG draw and the do not have their AOE its over turn 5-6.

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Tried making a soul of the forest deck like this with violet teacher but its not working out so well.

Basically I was thinking more removal spells might be good since it really sucks when you have to trade minions in a situation where you don't really want to (like no cult master out no soul of the forest up, nothing hurts worse than being left with nothing the turn before you wanted to cast soul) and I thought if your taking more spells anyways teacher might be good but I'm finding the draws (which are already a problem with this deck imo) become even more inconsistent. A hand of all spells and no minions really sucks but maybe there's some magic balance of minions and spells that gets it just right and I just haven't found it?

If anyone else has tried the teacher I'd be interested to know how it went.
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currently running this deck and its working pretty well

innervate x2
argent squire x2
mark of the wild x2
power of the wild x2
wrath x2
loot hoarder
nat pagle
savage roar x2
harvest golem x2
imp master
soul of the forest x2
cult master x2
defender of argus
keeper of the grove x2
druid of the claw
force of nature
the black knight

mark of the wild is great on argent squire and can help protect your other minions. Also has synergy with black knight you can cast it on an enemy unit and kill it, pretty good for getting rid of things like rag.

Druid of the claw can also help protect units or be a 4/4 charge which might help you clear the board without sacking other units or possibly help you end the game.

Starfall can help take back the board if you fall behind or it can be used to kill something big.

Force of nature give you allot of reach, once turn 9 comes if you have roar and force of nature in hand and they have let 1 - 2 minions live they are probably dead.

Defender of argus is there since I felt he fit the general theme of buffing units and he's been pretty good I think. By making taunts you can sort of force them to attack what you want them to attack and I think that's pretty helpful.

I don't know if this best really, playing lots of charge units and just making a super rush savage roar focused deck is probably better, but I have really enjoyed playing this since I feel like it really takes advantage of soul of the forest well and soul is in my opinion a very fun spell.

Also knife juggler would probably be good in here but I took him out because he frustrates me, never hits what I want him to.
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I threw a Leroy Jenkins in to this deck. I win by turn 6 or 7 most games.
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Any updates on the list yet?
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I've tried the Violet Teachers myself. It's nice to be able to combo it with Innervates and/or Soul of the Forest since the extra minion is made before the effect of the spell goes off so you get at least two minions with deathrattle, though possibly more if happen to have the mana crystals or board presence. Still, as you stated, I had a fair amount of spells for hard removal and I had troubles keeping minions out. Perhaps in such a deck, it is important to aggressively mulligan for the Violet Teacher, Soul of the Forest, and possibly Innervate. Will give it another go at some point, I'm sure.
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I was playing a similar deck, I have made some tuning.
I really wanted ooze, cause weapons are very annoying for this deck.
I finally removed Nat, it was not helpful enough, 2 auctioneers subtitute for that.
Swipe is too good to pass, I can't count the number of finish it did, and it can help to nuke taunts. Thalos for a boost.
Violet teacher and razorfen for quick board presence.
I am rank 5, climbing with this deck.

Deck is :
2 innervate
2 argent squire
2 worgen
2 wrath
2 power of the wild
2 ooze
1 thalnos
2 savage roar
2 razorfen hunter
1 harvest golem
1 imp master
1 soul of the forest
2 swipe
2 violet teacher
2 keeper of the grove
1 nourish
2 auctioneer
1 force of nature
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