Thoughts about mage.

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EDIT: Mage's seem to have too much AoE damage for their own good, while cards like polymorph are annoying I believe it's still a balanced card due to the the fact that obviously mage needs some spells and it's a single target spell. I don't think that mages should lose all their AoE but something needs looked at. The problem I have is when minions are being played that increase spell power that in return cause spells to come out that do AoE massive damage, or in some cases AoE freeze, the fact they can nuke an entire board of minions, or freeze them all with one spell card, while still maintaining minion effects such as taunt, it creates a situation hard for any counter play really. If you establish minion control early, they will all be wiped, if you establish strong minion control late, they will still all be wiped, Also the fact that mage can damage it's own cards to increase power ups is a bit overpowered, if a mage has wiped your entire board with one spell, they can just use their hero power and max out a gurubashi berserker while maintaining the board due to their massive AoE damage as well as their neutral minion abilities such as taunt, there is little to no counter play to this scenario. The fact that you can have such strong minion control and game control and lose it due to these massive AoE spells seems like a good enough reason to consider nerfing these spells. It seems like every other match i'm against a mage and when I see i'm against a mage I deeply consider just conceding at the start of the match, Thank you for your time.
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Which mode are mages op? In casual? Or in ranked? I haven't seen a mage for days in ranked(in the 15-12 range), since they've been nerfed to the ground. Although I guess with a good deck in Arena they would be op.

The key to beating mages is not to dump all your minions out before turn 6, keep some big ones for after they flamestrike. Once you learn how to get them to waste their aoe than mages aren't that bad.
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So they are OP because you can't get board control... really ??? go and learn how to play instead of making !@#$ty threads about it.
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That's just too bad. You didn't get rid of the spell power minions, and/or you overextended.

Now please leave. Go complain in general or something instead. There's more people to support/shoot you down there.
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Telling people not to voice their opinions because you don't like them is classic neanderthal style logic.

I also find mage's to be hard to handle and fun to play. Its not the pure power but the extreme amount of versatility in the mage spells that I find troubling/enjoyable. On the receiving end there are many situations where you can bait out higher spells (flame strikes for example) only to have your minions stalled (frost nova's, cone of frost, icebolt. ice lance) or destroyed (fireballs and pyroblast in a pinch). Mages have all these potential options while still benefiting from standard minion abilities like taunt and spell-power to help them maintain a competitive pace during play.

While its true that nothing lines up perfectly for anyone all the time, mages decks have the potential ability to handle a multitude of situations that would in other play scenarios might make you want to change your deck to something else. Its really not surprising that some people think they're OP.
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01/18/2014 09:20 PMPosted by EmOtIoNZ
Mage is op, Constant spell powerups that lead into cards dealing 5+ damage to all minions, multiple of these cards, nerf.

Dude, I tested this over the weekend, its not just the Mage that can do that, Warlog can do 8 - 14 Damage without even using one Mana. Priest 10 5 damage for 2 (if you power it up its even worst. The same goes to the Paladin, and Rouge. So grow up!!!!!!
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Added more intuition to original post, was tired when I wrote it so put little thought into it, please consider reading my edit.
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