Changing the warrior hero power...

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The new warrior hero ability should be pay 2: equip a 2/1 weapon. Simple..

It addresses many of the warrior issues at the moment. For one, control. Every other class has loads of removal at their disposal, hunters, rogues, druids, mages, warlocks, hell even paladins can manipulate the stats of their opponents monsters or unconditionally buff their own tokens as removal. Priests may have their blind spot of 4 attack but 4 of their basic cards are still amazing pieces of hard removal and have plenty of healing and buffs to back up their own field...

Also this new hero power has far more synergy with most of the warrior class cards then the current hero power does. (Examples, Execute, Upgrade, heroic strike, Shield block, frothing beserker, mortal strike, and battle rage).

The only one card that would need to be changed that would be alienated by this change is shield slam and I have a much better idea for that card.

Shield wall: Gain 1 armor for every damage you took this turn. Can only attack once a turn so you can't really abuse this card. Basically it gives you a free hit on something provided you can survive that hit... Say your wearing that gorehowl and you smack a ragnaros to finish it off.. well you can shield wall back the damage you were dealt alleviating some of the risky behaviors that the warrior removal always seems to have.

So, Why is that the warrior class, the class that is supposed to be on the front lines have some of the least effective removal, based on being too conditional and risk driven to use.

The same classes that have weapons in their hero power also have good non risky removal,

Druids have wrath, star fall, claw, and swipe and star fire.

Rogues have back stab, SI 37, perdition's blade, Assassinate, betrayal, blade furry, eviscerate, fan of knives and shiv.

What do warriors have?

Whirlwind: 1 damage to all minions... this is mostly used by enrage enablers and isn't treated as serious removal.

Execute: Destroy a DAMAGED minion.. Still have to sacrifice some health or a minion to make this work or another card...

Inner rage: Deal 1 damage and give a minion +2 attack.. More a buff spell then anything.

Cleave: deal 2 damage to 2 random enemy minions Great, but its two random minions... and at 2 mana...

I'd rather have a good single target piece of removal against the variety of utility creatures that need to die ASAP.. (Knive juggler, Nat pagle, Wild pyromancer, Northshire cleric, Mana tide totem, starving buzzard, scavenging hyena, mana wyrm, sorcerers apprentice, etc...)

Slam: Deal 2 damage, and if you don't kill it draw a card...

Heroic strike: give your hero +4 attack
Fiery war axe
Arcanite reaper:

Brawl: destroy all minions except 1 random one...

All very conditional and/or all carrying more inherent risk then any other class.... and for what... 2 armor? 2 armor isn't enough to absorb the damage of the average 2 dropped monster (3/2).. its enough to take enough damage from a 1 drop (2/1's).

That is arguably the weakest hero power in the game right now and by a large margin.

So what does the current hero power have synergy with..

Well it has some synergy with weapons (arathi smith included).... and... .shield slam... that's really it.... So shouldn't the spells in the warrior deck more or less take care of the damage he is taking from his own weapons... while his power should be more about helping dictating board control?

Shield wall (Suggested above) and Shield block, armor smith, and new cards to come in future sets!
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2/1 is too strong, no class has the ability to deal 2 damage
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01/20/2014 01:58 AMPosted by Nozshand
2/1 is too strong, no class has the ability to deal 2 damage


rogues over 2 turns.
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But you deal 2 damage, you took some damage too. Mages just deal 1 damage, but you cant punish them for it. Eg. Earth Elemental or any big creature has 1 hp, what is better? Ping them for one, and kill them or smack them with your hero, and hope you will survive the next turn.

Btw the War Axe is a very good card, but against aggresive players i just kill myself with it, to be able to clear the board, you have to take a lot of damage, and you can find yourself at 15 hp at turn 5.

I think the 2 armor just dont help you at all. I cant even cast it, because you either place down a minion or use hero ability. While eg. priests can heal themselfes or their minions, and they get a card from doing that if there is a Northsire Cleric (or something like this) on the field. They dont have to place down a creature, because they can heal their damaged one, while warrior cant "armor" them.

Priests hero power is waaaay better, because they can heal minions too. With warrior you can go above 30 hp, but you shouldnt even use the hero power, if you have a card to play.

I dont think warrior needs a 2/1 weapon, if you want weapons you have a lot, War axe, weaponsmith eg...

I dont know what do warriors need, but their current hero power is nearly useless.
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without having armor we wouldn't last long enough to constantly clear the board with our weapons (including your 2/1 which isn't really enough after turn 3)
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I think it'd make more sense if it was something along the lines of "deal 1 damage to a minion, give it +1 attack". To fit the whole enrage motif. Or even something like grant a minion +1 or +2 HP(not a heal like priest's, but actually boosting the max HP). Warrior hero power is pretty weak compared to some of the others.
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Why would you do this that 2 armor is so strong and you can pull of amazing things with whirlwind like clearing a field of weak monsters while getting your minions effects off like Acolyte of Pain, Frothing Berserker, Gurabashi, Armorsmith, etc and it lets you meet the condition for Execute.

You don't need field clearing you need time to gather the cards for your combos and getting 2 armor is exactly that way. It has no limit on how many points you can get making it better than the Priest's heal in that regard. No pain no gain is how I see it.
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01/20/2014 02:40 AMPosted by Minerva
rogues over 2 turns.

Minerva is newb. /close
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No. It would be a massive and horrific nerf.

Warriors would be unable to do anything but go for the face with 99% of their weapons- they would no longer be able to eat hits the entire game from taunt and non-taunt minions to use the weapons as removal.
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Its a little underpowered. It should be gain 2-3 armor 50%
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01/20/2014 02:40 AMPosted by Minerva
2/1 is too strong, no class has the ability to deal 2 damage


rogues over 2 turns.

hunter only deals damage to hero not minions. 2 damage for hero ability meaning you can kill most 2 mana drop with just hero power in a single turn, its way overpowered
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