Giants Jaraxxus decklist: fun and competitive

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01/22/2014 09:51 AMPosted by DioBrando
Thanks OP. How far did you go in the ladder with this deck?

def need Leeroy

Halfway across rank 1

01/22/2014 02:16 PMPosted by tyrano
that deck is called giant warlock deck and yes is competitive... but I'm making my own version with a ton of removals, even nether void and some block minions, like sunwalker and abo, and don't run the twilight drake, just don't like it, i think there are much better minions for it cost and not that bad against silence :S (earth shock and good bye twilight)

Yeah, running more taunts may be better to counter rush meta and stop savage wombo combo
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I like twilight for the deck. Yes, Druid and Shaman will silence but those aren't the decks I have trouble with. So playing a card that is weak against classes I'm typically strong against makes a lot of sense (but very good against Pally, for instance "Follow de rules!" Thanks for using that up on my drake, here, have a Mountain Giant).
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I put Pagle in mine ever since i got him . Decent Carddraw chance and usually absorbs 4 damage because he becomes a focus point when he enters the board.
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this deck gets wrecked by any reach, and if you dont draw taunt givers (and even if you do) rush decks will still demolish you. This deck relies on having the right pieces more than other decks by far.
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It's fun. Fun to play against and to play yourself. Jaraxxus itself is a funny card. And it's strong. It doesn't win everytime u play though. So to weak any of these cards would not be appropriate in my opinion. I did put all my Legendarys in it (Bloodmage, Nat, Sylvanas, Hogger, Alexstrasza, Ysera, Ragnaros - except Leeroy -), and its nice to have a Deck where u can see them all together in action without having trouble to see them all in the game since dying too early.

Thanks for that deck
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I like how the only deck options are Giants and Murlocs
Demons aren't even under consideration.

that said, if you're feeling lucky, and want a terrible, highly situational option, sacrificial pact wins mirrors on its own. Because of this, playing J into a mirror may be your last mistake.
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