Lets build after nerf deck together.

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Lets see, what we have now.. No heavy class minions, nerfed control aoe, incredibly useless and unreasonably expensive secrets.
I didn't see mage for the last 3 days in Constructed. But I don't wanna change class anyway.
If you have any interesting unexpected ideas for mage deck, lets share them, and then maybe we will have some viable deck.

For instence:
Venture Co. Mercenary is pretty goods for 5th drop, in my opinion. 7 damage could kill all possible 5th drop creatures, and it's pretty huge, thus he works like taunt most of times.
If you are not comfortable with + 3 manacost for your next minions, or if Pali changed his attack to1 with Aldor Peacekeeper, you could use owl on it.
The most important - that it's really unexpected for constructed, so it can be possibly played well.

Look forward for your suggestions.
Thanks for your help by the way :3
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I've tried using Venture Co. Mercenary before and it actually proved to be not so great.

It's somewhat like the beast, except that if neutralised, it can get even further into your way than the beast would. (I've tried both)

The beast somewhat overshadows Ven. Co. Because it's more game ending. And in the even that it dies/got neutralised, the 3/3 it produces is much easier for us to handle. (I'm assuming we're making a control deck)

That aside, I think azure drake fills up the 5 drop slot better.

It replaces itself immediately, has 4 attack and gives spell power.

So.. 2 x Azure drake for now?

I'll also suggest running Alextraza. Ever since I crafted her, I've kinda fell for this card. It can heal you back up to 15 from a deck that was trying to rush you down. (So you can feel relieved of dying from charge for now) Or hit your control or heal playing opponent from 25+ to 15.
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I'm in the same boat. Despite all the nerfs I'm sticking with mage. Unfortunately, since the nerf, our class cards aren't what i've been relying on. I run a lot of the strong neutral minions with some help from class cards. Water Elemental is a really strong 4 drop that, with 6 health, either will command some board control, force the enemy to use one of their strong removal cards, or if they let it live, you can freeze a couple minions so you can ping them down.
as for neutral minions, argent commander is always good, always run azure drakes. I get a lot of use out of acolytes of pain for draw power. I personally run 2 flame strikes but I know most people dont like it.
Also always run ragnaros. literally have never had a good deck without it.
rank 13 here
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First I'll say that I don't play ranked anymore. It's just boring fighting off the same decks over and over again, so I just play casual. After the last wipe I reached level 3, but after it I just don't feel like grinding up again against the flavor decks of the moment.

Said that for me Mage is one of the most powerful classes after the nerf.

I don't follow meta, I don't follow other people's decks. I kinda take pride of making my own decks and refine them with experience on how the deck I'm using behaves. If I feel I'm lacking in tempo, I adjust my mana curve. If I feel I'm a tad too spell heavy, I swap some spells for minions. And in the end I end up with pretty good working decks that, at least in casual, give very good results.

here's the one I currently use:


1xArcane missiles
2xMirror Image
2xArcane explosion
2xArcane intelect

Yep, I don't run pyro.


2xMana wyrm (good lord those things are so OP)
2xSorcerer's apprentice
1xBloodmage Thalnos (swap for kobold geomancer if you don't have it. It's far from vital but the card draw is nice)
1xKobold Geomancer (make it two if you don't have thalnos)
2xHarvest Golem
2xSenjin Shieldmasta
2xWater Elemental
2xAzure Drake
1xFaceless Manipulator (I toy around with this a lot. Sometimes I play one drake and two faceless. Currently is like this, but both work).

Play with the mana curve. Always play something that will keep presence on the board. Don't be one of those who play an arcane intelect on turn 3, if you have a 2 mana minion ready, unless you already have a solid board presence and don't need to reinforce it. Keep presence on the board. Keep the other guy off the board. Try at every stage to have something on the board if possible and use removal to make it happen.

When you lose control of the board (can happen) DONT use the arcane explosions lightly. they are there to help regaining control of it. Kobold/thalnos+2xarcane explosions give you a 4 dmg AoE+minion for 6 mana. You're effectively running a card-intensive-low cost reserve flamestrike to use in emergencies, or a lower class minion+2 mana AoE for just 4 mana. Of course that's if you don't have the apprentice out, then it can be a 4 mana 4 damage AoE.

Don't use the mirror images on turn one. Use them wisely to delay the enemy when he plays minions you currently can't deal with. Use the faceless to copy whatever great legendary the other guy plays, to then sheep it. And of course, keep the sheep for the things that warrant it. There's nothing more stupid than dropping a polymorph on a Taz'Dingo only to be looking at a Ragnaros next turn.

It's simple, it's not expensive to craft (Thalnos is far from neccessary but I got it in an arena pack so hey, why not), and if you have the ridiculous turn 1 second to play mana wyrm+coin+mana wyrm, you have 90% of the game already in the bag. Even more if you also have a frostbolt ready.

As I said, I don't play ranked anymore as I just play for fun so no clue on how this will behave there, but in casual this thing works like a charm, and the games I don't win I can without a doubt say that it was down to bad luck with draws, or missing a vital card at one given moment (something that can happen even with the best crafted decks).

BTW I own ysera, Malygos, Ragnaros, Cairne and Black knight. I don't use any of them. I'd rather faceless the enemy's ysera to then poly it. Both more satisfying, and much much cheaper in mana costs. Tho I have to admit, Malygos in this deck is just utterly nuts, I've tried it in place of one of the drakes and is just plain ridiculous. Turn 10 Malygos+arcane missiles are 8 missiles. Malygos+coin+arcane explosion is a 6 damage area. Etc.

Now if I only had antonidas...
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RAMJB: This deck is amazing! I am just trying to learn how to play with mage, and i love this deck. I dont have Thalnos, but i think i will craft him as soon as possible. Or should i craft something else?

My own made decks are not so bad too, but i wanted to try out an "experienced player's deck", thank you for sharing!
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I've been running this deck after the nerf so far, although I can't seem to get past Rank 13 with it, so I'm looking for tweaks and alternative decks (I'm determined to find something that works good, I won't abandon mage.)

1 x Mirror Image
2 x Frostbolt
2 x Arcane Intellect
2 x Frost Nova
1 x Ice Barrier
2 x Ice Block
2 x Cone of Cold
2 x Fireball
2 x Polymorph
2 x Blizzard
1 x Flamestrike
1 x Pyroblast

2 x Doomsayer
1 x Loot Hoarder
1 x Ethereal Arcanist
1 x Faceless Manipulator
1 x Mountain Giant
2 x Molten Giant
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i use these 2 decks.
the 1st one with the taunts gives me more wins but the 2nd one is more fun
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Just a few thoughts I have, sitting at rank 8.

We need either Kobold + Arcane Explosion OR Wild Pyromancer
I personally like to use Wild Pyromancer + Arcane Missiles. This combos very well with Amani Berserker (which should really almost always be in a Mage deck,) Acolyte of Pain (my draw card of choice,) and any other enrage cards we may have (Raging Wargen is another great enrage card, though I don't personally use it at this time.)

I really don't like Mirror Image right now. I feel like it's countered too easily by the amount of Hunter's using Explosive Trap.

However, taunt IS needed. Hunter's and MurLocks will cause too much trouble if you don't have a couple of cheap taunts in your deck.

I think Water Elemental is a really strong card for us right now. It will generally trade 2 for 1 in most rush decks. The freeze can be great against hunters, keeping them from using their Eaglehorn Bow.
Because of the use of Water Elemental, I decided to add Ice Lance back into my decks. It's a cheap spell that can be really strong with Water Elemental and Frostbolt. Frostbolt + Ice Lance + Ice Lance is a 4 mana, 11 damage nuke. It can really turn games around. Ice Lance always works well with Wild Pyromancer as a cheap spell, when necessary.

I'm going back and forth when it comes to Pyroblast. I mainly keep one in my deck right now as a way to finish off Pallys and Priests.
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Hey Garthrog. Glad you're liking it.

I honestly think many people playing mages are just too addicted to the idea of using a lot of spells and very few minions, hence the (Still ever-present) frost decks. So many guys simply don't understand the class without the frosts or the secrets, when it's a terribly effective minion control deck aswell. Has very good class minions (wyrm is ridiculous, apprentice is pretty good, Water elemental is insane specially against enemy heros who use weapons, and it's legendary is amongs the best class specific legendaries out there) and there are plenty of really high quality neutrals to fill the gaps where Mage can't use them, so the class is not -forced- to play spell heavy and delay-only games. It can actually turn into a proactive control deck. And the hero power is very good at helping you achieve it.

Anyway, to answer your question, thalnos is far from neccessary in this deck. I had him so why not using it but I think just crafting him for this deck would be a bit of a waste of mana, because Kobold Geomancer gives you the spell damage and a 2-2 instead of a 1-1. Of course, you'll be lacking the potential card draw deathrattle but I think that with the drake, the arcane intelect and the fact that you're trying to play the curve (so using cards efficiently) it already has enough draw for most scenarios. It's useful, but not to the point of warranting 1600 arcane dust. Save it for any other legendary you really want to see in your decks.

Three that will never let you down, in my experience, are Ragnaros, Ysera, and to a lesser point (but still is a really powerful minion), Cairne. I'd craft any of those, or Sylvanas, before thalnos tbh. Even while I think Sylvanas is not -that- exceptional as some people make it to be, is a real nuisance for the enemy and helps stabilizing contested boards, something that with my build is pretty much what the game is about, if you lose the board and fail to retake it in 1-2 turns, you're done for..
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Another great point I read in a different thread, Abomination really counters a lot of this meta.
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I've run a lot of abomination, specially when I was running warlock and molten giants and it's sinergy with shadowflame (it's like a 6 AoE) and because I was running with the direct intention of taking damage in the first turn to wipe the board in turns 4-5 with hellfires, abomination and/or shadowflame. For that role it's good.

For other classes...honestly it helps delaying a bit, but most times it gets not much done, as the other guy can easily play around it. Kill the abomination first, play your minions later.

For Mage I don't see it useful. For sure , if the other guy has a board full of 1 and 2 health minions it'll win you the game, but so would any other AoE, and AoEs don't get hexed, sheeped, or silenced. And as long as the abomination is in play you don't want to have any minions on the board because it'll hurt you aswell so if it survives the first turn it's going to slow you down aswell. I don't see any reason to run an abomination in a mage deck, tbh, there are much better 5 mana cards.
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I was rank 3 with mage before the last patch. I didnt play much ranked lately, mostly farming gold in casual and trying my luck in the arena.
Anyway, today i made this mage deck and went from rank 15 to rank 10 without a single lose so far.
At some point i had 1 arcane missle instead of the arcane intellect, and i think 1 spellbreaker instead of 1 polymorph so it keeps changing here in there.
I had high success vs Druids as they can lose to faceless+polymorph and mirror entity. These can give you enough of a lead to win the game if used right and with some luck.
Didnt have the pleasure of playing against a hunter yet. just dont play more than 1 minion at a time.
I may add another coldlight oracle when i get one (dont want to spend 100 dust on it).

2 x Mana Wyrm
2 x Arcane Explosion
2 x Frostbolt
1 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2 x Ironbeak owl
2 x Kobold Geomancer
1 x Arcane Intellect
1 x Mirror Entity
1 x Coldlight Oracle
1 x Harvest Golem
1x Raging Worgen
2 x Fireball
2 x Polymorph
1 x Spellbreaker
2 x Water Elemental
1 x Azure Drake
1 x Faceless Manipulator
1 x Blizzard
1 x Flamestrike
1 x Pyroblast

edit: ok hunter is a problem with this deck...you just cant cover all classes. i was mostly thinking about druids and paladins. testing some changes
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Play better, instead of having the same Mage deck as everyone and their mother and mindlessly playing and praying for Pyroblast and other direct damage spells that taunts can't block.
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01/21/2014 06:54 PMPosted by Setsuna00
Play better, instead of having the same Mage deck as everyone and their mother and mindlessly playing and praying for Pyroblast and other direct damage spells that taunts can't block.

Let show us your cards... little "play better" guy.....
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Have been playing a control deck and have abit of success with it. this deck is weakest in its mid-game and has quite abit of strength in its early game through Wyrm (I killed some1 with 2x mana wyrms on the field xD)

2x Mana Wyrm
2x Arcane Missles
2x Frostbolt
1x Wild Pyromancer
1x Ice Block
1x Ice Barrier
1x Arcane Intellect
1x Acolyte of Pain
2x Fireball
2x Polymorph
2x Cone of cold
2x Senjin Shield Masta
2x Azure Drake
1x Faceless Manipulater
2x Blizzard
2x Agent Commander
2x Molten Giant
1x Ysera
1x Pyroblast

Best situation late game is to summon 2 molten giants and copy it with faceless in 1 turn :D
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