Played a secrets mage...

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With my super ultra control deck that's loaded to the brim with every removal ever, and a ton of late game legendaries.

He played 2 secrets on turns 3 and 4. I tested for mirror entity. Nada. I then tested for spell bender/counterspell. Zilch.

He started playing minor nuisances, so i took em out with firey winax and heroic strike.

I proceeded along the lines of "Those must be vaporize/ice barrier" and i proceeded to play a gadgetzan, which he poly'ed and then a cairne, which he poly'ed. Then i dropped the big boys.

First was Sylvanas. He didn't have an answer, so he fen creepered and cone of colded my sylv, and hit face. Course, at this point, when you're playing a mage, you tend to build up some nice armor if they don't have minions.

So i had a total of 14 armor, and i drop a rag. Rag then hits face. He trades of his fen and my sylv, and plays a water ele. I drop ysera, and end my turn. Rag destroys puny minion.

He then plays his ysera, and at this point, my hand is filled with answers, as warriors usually have. So I kill his ysera with excute, and drop an emerald drake on him, coupled with an argus.

He deathwings.

I shieldslam for 20 points of damage.

He topdecks fireball.

I play Onyxia.

He concedes. With 2 active secrets.

TL:DR? !@#$ Mages.
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So i need 4-5 legendaries to win against a mage? Seems like warrior is op...
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If you're playing against a Mage who has lots of secrets, chances are they are running Ethereal Arcanist. This card gets +2/+2 each turn that the Mage doesn't use up their secrets, so they are going to prefer secrets like Ice Block, which do not become active except at literally the last moment.
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So you beat down a Mage who got creature screwed, and it only took 5 legendaries and apparently more than ten turns... bravo on your nerf victory.
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How is Onyxia working for you?
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