Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment and push discussion of something a little different and hopefully get some thoughts and ideas going regarding the way the mage meta is balanced. I know with all of the base complaints being spells it is sometimes hard to get a real discussion or have balance discussion taken seriously on the forums here. That is why I am bringing up a new topic and hopefully we can have some good players come in and get some thoughts on if this is a problem and suggestions on how to fix it if necessary.

Myself: All of my characters are over 20 and a few are close to 30 but ultimately I am a mid level player. This is mainly due to the fact that I treat Hearthstone as a casual game and generally play for fun rather than practicing and doing as much research as I should to really further my play.

The problem: As a player when attempting to balance a deck in order to deal with spell heavy mages it leaves me wildly vulnerable to heavy cheap minion mage play. This is specifically true of the current arena. Part of the reason I am writing this is I am just coming off an arena run where I designed a deck for mage spell play and instead (of course) got owned by 3 different minion heavy mages. Up to creating this deck it is not something I had previously encountered much and really got me thinking as to how this is creating a possible kind of critical mass in terms of why so many people choose the Mage class in arena.

Adjustment to heavy spell play requires more high cost minions than normal. Current mage class cards can also work very flexibly with low cost minions in combination allowing very powerful low cost minion counter decks to be created. This effectively seems to put other classes at a disadvantage in arena as they will be playing against quite a few mages. With the random card selection as a non mage class it is very difficult to build a deck which both can correctly adjust to spell play with costly minions and also deal with heavy low cost minion play (which is also strengthened by the current play style in general). Seems like you are generally stuck going one way or the other and hoping that you don't encounter the opposite.

The solution: Outside of an overall minion adjustment to adjust the minion meta in general I have no freaking clue (I'm sure this is a short sighted fix as the overall game repercussions would create more problems than solutions). I am hoping others might have some good input as to balancing some of the lower cost abilities or the mage class ability to help bring this under control.