Help me improve my deck please.

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I have somewhat success with this deck, but not able to get past rank 20 because I don't have certain answers for certain situations. But some help would be appreciated.

1 Soulfire
2 Mortal Coil
2 Power Overwhelming
2 Blood Imp
2 Flame Imp
2 Voidwalker
2 Demonfire
1 Ironbeak Owl
2 Loot Hoarder
1 Master Swordsmith
Nat Pagle
2 Drain Life
1 Sense Demon
1 Void Terror
1 Shadowflame
1 Defender of Argus
1 Bane of Doom
1 Doomguard
Sylvannas Windrunner
1 Twisting Nether
Ragnaros the Firelord
Lord Jaraxxus

I am thinking cut Bane of Doom, originally I read it kill a minion summon a random demon, then I read it deal 2 damage to character. LTR
I like the synergy of POing a minion then having the void reaver eat it.
I originally had an Acient Watcher in here for things like a Shadowflame target, or a target to taunt up with argus, or a void eater, or to jsut silence to make a quick 4/5 beater. Most games where I played it my opponent just ignored it. But I took it out to try other things.
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Can't get past rank 20 with 4 legendaries in your deck? Oh, now I know who are all the people crying about meeting players with legendaries on rank 20. I always thought it's a myth...

But I guess, you should decide wether you want to go early rush, midrange or late control. For sure you can do a mix, but at the moment you got to much early stuff with drawback for your late game control... Get rid of cards like flame imp, power o, void terror, demonfire, maybe blood imp and put in some more decent mid range minions. Or you can expand your early rush, but then get rid of everything below sylvanas, bane of doom and some other stuff. Your deck got no theme...
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